PlayStation manufacturer leaves Nintendo without a fight the field

The PlayStation celebrated its 25th birthday this year. Sony Interactive Entertainment has been very successful with consoles for decades. Handhelds, like the PS Vita, were also very well received. In this genre, however, Nintendo took over in recent years, the upper hand and Sony has now thrown all plans for their handy consoles overboard.

Despite various rumors in recent years, the days of Sony Interactive Entertainment's handy consoles are over. Confirmed CEO Jim Ryan recently in an interview with Game Informer. Despite, or perhaps because of, the strong sales of the Nintendo Switch, it makes no sense.

"PlayStation Vita has been brilliant in many ways and the gaming experience has been great. However, this is a business we no longer belong to, "he said.

If it should be something special.

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PS4 and PS5 are successful enough

Even if Sony Interactive Entertainment gives up the business with handy consoles, that does not mean it's bad for the company. But on the contrary. Worldwide, the PS4 sold more than 100 million times and still promise the consoles regular income in the millions.

The business model is based on a centralized platform that is preferably always online, resulting in constant monetization through game sales, micro-transactions and recurring services such as PlayStation Now.

With the release of the PlayStation 5, the whole model is even extended. Not only will the Next Gen console attract old and new buyers, it will also offer a whole host of new service features. Of particular interest are extensive sharing options that predict various patents of Sony. Sony Interactive Entertainment leaves the business of handy consoles now rather Nintendo.

What do you think? Will you miss handy consoles like Sony's PS Vita, or does Nintendo cover your needs? Write us your opinion in the comments.