No more speculation and no more leaks necessary: ​​Sony has now unveiled the free titles for PlayStation Plus members in July 2021. The two-day-old leak was right at least in one of the three games, but was otherwise in the dark. PlayStation 5 owners can actually get an exclusive, improved version of The Plaque Tale: Innocence with native 4K resolution and targeted 60 FPS. The tragic story of Amicia and her brother Hugo in plague-infested France in the 14th century looks better than ever.

This is what PlayStation Plus PS4 players will have in July

But of course PlayStation 4 players don’t miss out either. For them there is action in every respect within the framework of PlayStation Plus. Fans of well-groomed exchanges of fire can venture onto the battlefield in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. In addition to the classic multiplayer experience, you can either go to war with friends against zombies or on your own in a battle royale mode.

If you prefer physical hand-to-hand combat, check out WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The arcade wrestler offers a story mode, online multiplayer and the option of local combat fun. In addition, with Steel Cage and Royal Rumble, there are also wacky game modes with special skills and power-ups.

As always, you have about a month to secure the titles. This time you have to take care of it between July 6th and August 2nd if you don’t want to miss any of the games. The free PlayStation Plus titles in June Incidentally, Star Wars: Squadrons and the new version of the Beat’em-Up Virtua Fighter 5 in the Ultimate Showdown Edition

The latter even gets another month and is also available free of charge until August 2nd. PlayStation 5 owners were allowed to download the co-op puzzler Operation Tango. The June games are still available until July 5th.

Those: Sony

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