Many 6th generation Pokémon have arrived in Pokémon Go for a long time. But collectors have been waiting longingly for the appearance of certain Mon from previous generations, and have been for quite a while! We’ll tell you here which they are and why they may not have been implemented yet!

All good things are … 3rd generation – the one that everyone is waiting for

Kecleon, the Pokémon of Color: Kecleon is of the normal type. It has a special ability: when attacked, its own type changes based on the attacker’s attack. So if it is hit by an ice attack, its type changes to ice and a repeated attack would do less damage accordingly.
This ability may be the reason why Kecleon is not yet catchable. If you look at the battle league, the appearance of Kecleon would definitely be surprising – with immediate attacks you would not be able to do anything after the first attack, should the developers of Pokémon Go decide to transfer Kecleon’s ability into the game.

The 4th generation – mysterious, mysterious!

Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon (normal, frost, heat, vortex and cutting form): The electric Pokémon Rotom likes to be in electrical devices and is up to mischief with it. In the Alola region, it is also available as PokéDex aka RotomDex and can speak, but is not recognized as an official form. Rotom is one of the mysterious Pokémon. But Wasch-Rotom photo-bombed the snapshots of the players several times during the Pokémon Go Fest 2020. The nimble Mon will probably show himself again in this way.

Phione, the Sea Drift and Manaphy, the Seafarer Pokémon: These Pokémon are of the Water type and are of the same evolutionary series; Phione evolves into Manaphy. They also belong to the mysterious Pokémon, such as Mew, Victini or Meloetta, which could be obtained at Go Fest 2021 through special research. Since they are one of the mysterious Pokémon, it seems reasonable to assume that there could be special research that we still have to wait for.

The gratitude Pokémon Shaymin: The little hedgehog-like Pokémon is of the plant type. However, Shaymin has another form; the zenith shape. His key item from the Pokémon games is a flower called Gracidea. With this pink flower, Shaymin can take on its zenith shape. In this, in addition to the type of plant, it also has the type of flight. Shaymin is one of the mysterious Pokémon and could therefore only be obtained through special research. Whether there will be the zenith form by means of an item or whether you can catch both formulas individually remains to be seen.

Pokémon GO: Thank you video for the Pokémon GO Fest 2021

Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon: Also known as the Gods Pokémon, Arceus is of the Normal type. What makes Arceus so special is the fact that it is said to be the origin of all Pokémon. It was created out of nowhere, according to records that are found during his adventurer in Sinnoh. As an origin it has the ability to take on all existing types – if it takes on a type, the golden color of the ornament that it wears around its body changes. Whether this ability is an obstacle for the developers of Pokémon Go remains questionable. However, there is also the possibility that EX raids will take place again in the near future and that Arceus will then be available there.

What about the 5th generation?

Since 6th generation Pokémon are currently being released into the wild again and again, it may be just a matter of time before hunters and gatherers can catch the missing 5th generation.

Zorua the Lausefuchs and the further development Zoroark, the Polymorfuchs Pokémon: These Pokémon from the same evolutionary line are both of the dark type. Zorua or Zoroark has a leading role in the history of the 5th generation. Zoroark has the ability to transform into any Pokémon and even take on human form. It’s just a theory, but fans are still talking about the fact that the character N from Pokémon Black and White is actually a Zoroark. Whether special research is coming up? It would be very desirable, because Zorua and Zoroark are not only very cool Pokémon with a great story, but probably also a good dark counter or a strong representative in the fighting league.

Shardrago, the cave Pokémon: The Dragon-type Pokémon is evolutionless. It has neither a preliminary nor a further development. It’s not a special Pokémon, not mysterious, not uncommon, so it could be catchable soon.

Ignivor the torch, as well as the further development Ramoth, the sun Pokémon: The Beetle and Fire-type Pokémon, which share an evolutionary line, are something special. If you previously flattened Beetle Pokémon with fire attacks, Ignivor and Ramoth now come along and thwart the bill. It is interesting that Ramoth can be encountered in a ruin as part of the Black and White editions. It is said to have replaced the sun during a volcanic eruption that darkened the sky. However, it is also able to start fires with its wing dust. So it could become an extremely powerful fire attacker. Maybe we will meet the Pokémon in special research!

Keldeo, the foal Pokémon: The Water and Fight Horse is a very brave Pokémon because it is the youngest member of the Knights of Righteousness. Who are they? Well, viridium, terracium and cobalium of course! So you are not a trio, as was originally thought, but a quartet! Keldeo, like his mentors, masters the Sancto Blade attack, but it also has a special attack: Mysto sword. If it uses this attack, its shape changes and from then on it is on its way in the resolute form. Keldeo is one of the Mysterious Pokémon. As with Shaymin, there could be special research. Time will tell whether one can then also keep the further form.
But since Pokémon with different forms have appeared in Pokémon Go before, for example Giratina, Boreos, Demeteros and Voltolos, more will certainly be brought into play.

The 6th generation Pokémon are still on the march

Slowly but steadily, more and more Pokémon from the Kalos region are trickling into Pokémon Go. In addition to the starters Igamaro, Fynx and Froxy, the legendary Pokémon Yveltal and Xerneas were also allowed to perform and mysterious Pokémon were not long in coming. As part of the Go Fest 2021, the joke Pokémon Hoopa of the psycho and spirit type suddenly appeared in its banned form. On the second day of the festival, it is said to have used its rings to ensure that all the legendary Pokémon were to be found in the raids.

Hoopa can change its rings and manipulate the spatial structure by creating a portal. Since then, it can also be seen on the login screen. The unleashed form of Hoopa differs significantly in appearance and strength compared to the banned Hoopa and instead of the psycho / spirit types, it has the psycho / unlight types. Hoopa will likely be caught in special research in his spellbound form.

The 6th Generation – These Pokémon may appear earlier than others

The primeval Balgoras and Monogoras as well as Amarino and Amagarga: Since the Pokémon are fossilized, there is a high probability that they will definitely be brought into play.

Zygarde, top of the aura trio: While Xerneas gives life and Yveltal steals it, Zygarde is very neutral. The Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon, like Rayquaza, Giratina, and Kyurem, lead the opposing Pokémon. With Zygarde in this position, it will likely appear in Pokémon Go raids soon.

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