Pokémon clone to get housing and ranked matchmaking

CremaGames still has some plans for Temtem and publishes an overview of the first part of a roadmap. This shows what fans can still look forward to this year. There is a lot to be added, for example ranked matchmaking and housing. We have summarized everything for you.

The first part of the Temtem Roadmap for 2020 is there and allows you Look at the preliminary plans by developer CremaGames. For the time being, because something can change here and there. From the official side it says:

“During the development cycle of the game, ideas are constantly changing and things we like today may not be so popular tomorrow. Do not take everything as confirmed facts, but rather what we want to incorporate into the game. ”

This also applies to the times. Although these are already largely divided into seasons, it can happen that there are still changes.

Finding is child's play.

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Temtem: That is planned so far

It seems that Temtem developers still have a few Aces up your sleeve, We summarize for you:

Ranked matchmaking

In addition to the occasional duels that you can now challenge players to, the Temtem Leaderboard should be added in spring. It would start with placement games to determine your trainer matchmaking rating. Then you should be able to compete against other players based on this rating.

At the beginning you could earn the currency Pansun with every fight, but that can change later. In addition, the temtems would open automatically the upper level limit with perfect starting values scaled for your stats (SVs) so that your team does not need a perfect breed to be competitive in ranking.

Game chat

Temtem has had an in-game chat before. However, this was only preliminary and was deactivated for the early start of access. In the spring one should full version appear, complete with multiple channels, one-to-one whispers, and optional chat bubbles to see what the people around you are saying.


In summer you may be able to find one own house issued. The house offer should be unlimited and serve both as a decorative element and as a basis. Later, useful items like a Incubator and fruit trees to be added.


Possible achievements should be added in autumn. Most of them would just be the usual badge of honor, but CremaGames suggests that some in-game rewards could follow as well.

Club management

If you go with your friends in the future to form a clan want, you can probably do that from spring. After choosing a name and a suitable banner, you can invite your friends when the feature is there and take part in so-called dojo fights.

Spectator mode

From spring you should have the opportunity to train other trainers at work and competitions to look over your shoulder, However, this function should not be used to advantage, so information remains secret. The only thing that both players have access to is the HP and endurance bars and techniques used.

Coming soon the second part of the roadmap, This focuses on medium-term plans, including a trading house, dojo battles, and details about the island. We will keep you up to date.