Pokémon: Fan plays mean Christmas prank to family

Christmas is just around the corner and for some the first Christmas presents have not only been bought but also packed. One Pokémon fan was particularly creative – the only question left is whether there will be a disappointed recipient or not.

Pokémon: Christmas is coming soon

Depending on the shape of a gift, it can sometimes be quite challenging to wrap it. In addition, there are countless ways to decorate this with ribbons, bows and the like and some also choose the option of wrapping their gifts using the matryoshka principle. This means that the recipient starts with a large container that ends up in a smaller and smaller one after unpacking, until a small present can be found in it at the end. There are no limits to your imagination.

It was also seen by a family member who recently wrapped his niece's Christmas present. How could you say – pretending to be false facts? In any case, it's funny.

What did he come up with?

Unfortunately, we don't know what his gamer niece thinks of Pokémon, nor how much she'd be happy about a cute Pikachu plush, but that's probably exactly what she will think of when she receives the gift from Reddit users irrelevant_ranting will receive.

He made every effort and his gift equipped with cute ears and an unmistakable tail Has. Who wouldn't think of the cute Pokémon first, but the content is completely different. The truth is, the content is a camcorder he's using to make his niece either a friend or an enemy this Christmas.

Which gift would you be more happy about and have you ever come up with something very special with your packaging? If so, please tell us in the Facebook comments.