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So that you can develop Rizeros to Rihornior on Rihorn Community Day this Saturday (22.2.20), you need Sinnoh stones. Similar to the Quiekel Community Day, Niantic has provided for you and gives you the opportunity to earn up to ten Sinnoh bricks through the Go combat league over the entire Saturday.

This weekend (22.02.2020) Pokémon Go players can look forward to increased Rihorn spawns from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Rihorn Community Day. Its second development, Rihornior, learns the special rock thrower attack during and up to two hours after the event (by 4 p.m. at the latest). You can also look forward to triple star dust for catching Pokémon during the event. With luck, you will also come across some dazzling Rihorn.

In order to develop Rizeros into Rihornior, you need a Sinnoh stone. For players who do not play PvP all the time, these may be in short supply. Similar to the Quiekel Community Day, Niantic has come up with something. On Saturday, February 22nd, you can earn up to ten Sinnoh Stones from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM by competing in the Go Combat League. So you can get your Sinnoh stones before the event.

You receive two Sinnoh stones from basic or premium battles in the Go League per set – regardless of whether you win or lose. With the limit of five sets in the Go combat league per day – or 25 fights in the Go combat league in total – you will receive up to ten Sinnoh stones.

Rock thrower is so strong

This is how rock throwers become for Rihornior - Rihorn Community Day

Pokémon GO: How to get 10 Sinnoh stones on Rihorn Community Day (2)

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If you are interested in the Pokémon Go raid metagame, you should not miss the chance of Rihornior with rock throwers. No one in the DpS can get hold of Koknodon, but this stone attacker is still considered a glass cannon. Rihornior with rock thrower only does a little less damage per second, but lasts much longer and is in the front in TDO (Total Damage Output) and becomes the best stone attacker in Pokémon Go.

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