Another Pokémon Go event is scheduled for January 2021: A few days after the end of the current Sinnoh event, the Hoenn event will go live. The start is scheduled for January 19th at 10 a.m. Until January 24th you will meet monsters like Geckarbor, Flemmli, Hydropi, Schwalbini, Krakeelo, Nasgnet, Stollunior, Meditie, Roselia, Kanivanha, Camaub and Puppance more often than usual in the wilderness. With a little luck you will meet a Shiny Stollunior. On the other hand, Eneco, Stollunior, Krebscorps, Liliep, Anorith, Kindwurm and Tanhel hatch from the 5-kilometer eggs.

During the Hoenn event in Pokémon Go, you can earn stardust and encounters with Pokémon such as Geckarbor, Flemmli, Hydropi, Stollunior, Plusle, Minun and Wailmer in exclusive field research projects. In the raid fights of level 1 you will meet Geckarbor, Flemmli, Hydropi, Trasla, Stollunior and Kindwurm. At level 3 Kapilz, Flunkifer, Groink, Pandir and Absol appear, at level 5 Kyogre and Groudon. You complete the collector's challenge for the Hoenn event by catching Geckarbor, Flemmli, Hydropi, Nincada, Nasgnet, Stollunior, Plusle, Minun and child worm. As a reward you will receive three Silver Sanana Berries, XP and a smoke.

Also popular with PC games readers On February 7, 2021, the Pokémon GO Community Day will focus on Roselia.

Pokémon GO: This is what you can expect at Community Day in February 2021

Another Community Day will take place in Pokémon GO in February 2021. We have the most important details for you. In the Pokémon GO spotlight lesson, the focus is on the Driftlon.

Pokémon GO: The spotlight lesson focuses on Driftlon

Today, Pokémon GO's spotlight lesson focuses on the Pokémon Driftlon. Pokémon GO: Promo code with six free items for the smartphone hit & nbsp;

Pokémon GO: Promo code with six free items for the smartphone hit

Niantic is distributing a new promo code for Pokémon Go in January 2021. You can find the current code for free items in the article.

Also develop Metang so that your Metagross can learn the Star Slash attack, which was previously available exclusively on Community Day. In addition, there is a temporary research on the Hoenn region. Catch two Kyogre to earn ten Kyogre Candies and two Groudon for ten Groudon Candies. If you have a total of 30 monsters, you get 30 Poké Balls. If you complete all tasks of the temporary research, you will encounter a Rayquaza with the exclusive charge attack Hurricane. You will also receive 3000 XP and a Silver Sanana Berry. There is also the opportunity to meet a Shiny Rayquaza.

tip: Pokémon GO: New promo code with six free items for the smartphone hit

Also, be sure to check out the shop from January 19-25 for a free bundle of three remote raid passes so you can grab Kyogre and Groudon. On January 26th there will be an event on the Johto region in Pokémon Go. The smartphone adventure is available on Android and iOS.

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Pokémon GO: Team Rocket versus the team leaders!

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