Pokémon Go: Armored-Mewtwo as a raid boss

Update from February 26, 2020:

Until March 2, 2020 at 10:00 p.m., you can meet Armored-Mewtwo again in Tier 5 raids vopn Pokémon Go and take up the challenge to add the chic (and powerful) pocket monster to your collection. We have updated our counter-guide for you, since a few Gen 5 Pokémon are also considered very good counter-attacks, for example Trikephalo and Skelabra. You can't go wrong with the following counter-type Pokémon and attacks if you're out with six to eight players:

  • Darkrai with timpani and dark aura
  • Giratina (archetype) with dark claw and spooky ball
  • Trikephalo with bite and dark aura
  • Skelabra with burden and haunted ball
  • gengar with lick / dark claw and spooky ball

Other good options in case you want to fill up your battle group are:

  • Mewtwo with psycho blade and haunted ball
  • Tyranitar with bite and grind
  • Deoxys (normal form) with blow and dark aura
  • Weavile with timpani and parasite
  • Kramchef with timpani and parasite
  • Banette with dark blade and spooky ball

Update from July 11, 2019:

The Mewtwo in armor in Pokémon Go offers as a raid boss a few changed values ​​compared to Mewtwo without armor, although not much changes on the counters. Compared to Mewtwo, the Mewtwo with armor has a lower attack rating (182) but more defense (278). In windy weather, Mewtwo with armor is boosted to level 25 and has CP between 2,376 and 2,732. Unboosted (at level 20) has Mewtwo with armor in between 1,740 and 1,821 CPif you capture the mon after defeating the raid boss. The raid boss himself has 41,299 CP, which you best beat down with three or more trainers. As already mentioned, the counterattacks against Mewtwo with armor remain the same as for Mewtwo without armor.

Update from July 5, 2019:

Pokémon Go developers have announced that Mewtu will reappear in the game's Tier 5 arenas – this time for promotional purposes at the launch of Mewtu Strikes Back in a special form, namely, with armor! This is a purely optical adjustment, nothing changes in the actual values ​​of the Psycho-Pokémon. However, since some time has passed since Mewtwo's last appearance and since about the fourth generation has been published in Pokémon Go, we have adapted our counter-guide for you. We hope you enjoy hunting Mewtwo in Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go: Mewtwo as a raid boss

Mewtwo is a Tier 5 raid boss and has 54,148 WP; You have to beat down 15,000 life points within the time frame of the raid. Mewtwo is a psycho-Pokémon and accordingly susceptible to attacks of the type Unlight, Beetle and Ghost. For Mewtwo you should be at least three coaches with well-chosen counters. Accordingly, Pokémon such as Despotar, Giratina (archetype), Gengar or Mewtu themselves are suitable counter-pocket monsters. In fog, your attacker's unlight attacks are most effective; in rainy weather, your mon beetle attacks are buffed. But don't be surprised if Mewtwu has the focus attack loading attack – the legendary Mon will send your Despotar to the boards immediately.

Mewtwo can have the following charging attacks: ice jet (damage is boosted in snow), thunder flash (damage is boosted in rainy weather), flame throwing (damage is boosted in sunny weather) and focus shot (damage is boosted in cloudy weather). So be careful!

To fight Mewtwo as a raid boss in Pokémon Go, we recommend the following attackers:

  • Despotar with the attacks bite and crunch
  • Giratina (archetype) with the attacks Darkclaw and Haunted Ball
  • Mewtwo with the attacks psycho blade and spooky ball
  • Gengar with the attacks Darkclaw / Schlecker and Haunted Ball

Other good counters that you can use to fill up your team are:

  • Snibunna with the attacks Feint and parasite
  • Hundemon with the attacks timpani and parasite
  • Absolutely with the attacks timpani and dark aura
  • Pinsir with the attacks beetle bite and cross shears
  • Raikou with the thunder shock and spooky ball attacks
  • Traunmagil with the attacks Tiefschlag and Hauntball
  • Yanmega with the attacks Beetle Bite and Beetle Boom

You can also attack with banette (with dark claw / spooky ball) and tohaido (with bite and grinder), but the two right glass cannons; can’t stand a lot.

Pokémon Go: Catch Mewtwo

If you defeat Mewtwo as a raid boss, you get the chance to catch the psycho pocket monster. If the weather is windy, Mewtwo will open Level 25 boosted and has CP in the range between 2,868 and 2,984, If Mewtwo is not booted, it has level 20 CP in the range of 2,294 to 2,387, We hope you have fun!

Original message from August 16, 2017: You may have read it with us: Mewtwo is the next legendary Pokémon to land in Pokémon Go soon – in exclusive raids. In the following we tell you all the information about Mewtwo known so far, what awaits you in the fight against the legendary psycho-monster and which counters and tips can help you to make the challenge easier.

General information about Mewtwo from Pokémon Go

  • It is still unclear when Mewtwo will end up in the game. Only participants in the stadium event in Yokohama were able to defeat and catch Mewtwo – the event ran until August 15, 2017. The legendary Pokémon is expected to come to us in the "next few weeks".
  • Mewtwo can only be challenged in the new exclusive raids. These exclusive raids are similar to existing raid battles, but have some notable differences. The exclusive raids appear regularly in the arenas, but you can only participate if you have received an invitation.
  • The invitations are available if you have fought a raid battle in an arena, in which the legendary monster should soon appear. In the invitation sacked there you will also find out when the exclusive challenge will start.
  • Mewtwo is the first Pokémon that coaches can encounter in an exclusive raid battle. In the following weeks, however, more powerful Pokémon will hatch from the raid eggs, which can then also appear in the exclusive raid battles. Niantic has not yet revealed what these are.

Tips and countermeasures for the fight against Mewtwo from Pokémon Go

Mewtwo has a strength of 49,430 WP as a raid boss. The psycho-Pokémon is particularly susceptible to beetle, ghost and unlight-type attacks. However, Pokémon with the types Psycho and Combat are rather useless in the duels.

We can especially recommend the Pokémon Despotar in the fight against Mewtwo, which comes with resistance to psycho-damage. With bite, grind and stone edge there are strong counterattacks to choose from. Dragoran, Garados, Hundemon, Pinsir and Scherox are also suitable.

Once you have defeated Mewtwo, the bonus challenge gives you the opportunity to catch the Pokémon. A maximally trained Mewtwo with all power-ups has a WP value of 3,982. However, it is not yet known how high the chances of catching the exclusive raids are. Legendary Pokémon released so far had a chance to catch in the low single-digit percentage range. With blueberries, perfect throws or curve balls you can increase the chance of catching.

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Source: Pokemongohub

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