Pokémon Go: Best Raid Change in a Long Time!

from Susanne Braun
The developers of Pokémon Go have informed their fans via Twitter that the mechanics of using up the Raid Pass, Premium Combat Pass and Remote Raid Pass have been adapted – much to the delight of players who pass by in a raid lobby, for example Want to wait for comrades. Because the passports are only used up when the fight starts! Nice!

The following change to a Pokémon Go game system that the developers at Niantic shared with fans via Twitter is small, but nice. From now on, the Raid Pass, Premium Combat Pass and Remote Raid Pass will no longer be used up if you enter the lobby of a coaching match or (particularly interesting) a raid. Instead, the item used only disappears from the inventory when the fight really starts. This should particularly please those of the Pokémon Go players who like to raid higher-level animal bosses, but don't have a fixed group.

If you don't regularly go around the house with your buddies, for example at legendary raid lessons that take place on Wednesdays and are just coming up with Kyurem, you like to hang out in an arena for the spawn time of a raid fight and hope that a random player or someone comes along participates in the challenge with a remote raid pass. This way, even casual gamers can banish one or the other legendary Pokémon into their Poké Ball. Previously, however, the pass was used up when entering the lobby, without these players having any certainty as to whether a few more random characters could be found for the battle. In the worst case, the pass was gone and no defeated raid boss in the ball. That is now history! OK then!

Incidentally, it can be assumed that this change was also made for the introduction of friend invitations for raids; for this system it has already been announced that passports will not be used until the raid starts. By the way, one can hope that the friend invitations will be activated with the Go-Fest: Friendship Challenge – it would definitely make sense!

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