The new spotlight lesson in the mobile game Pokémon GO takes place today. This time between 6 and 7 p.m. everything revolves around Knilz. But be careful, there are probably some bugs.

There are some problems with that

Some players can already play the spotlight lesson due to the different time zones and report that it is not working properly. Captured Rayquaza should not learn the Hurricane attack as announced, and the developed Metagross should not learn the Star Slash attack either. Furthermore, raids with mega amphoros can cause crashes.

The problems appear to be related to the Hoenn event, which also started today. In this event it is possible to get to Rayquaza through research, which is actually supposed to learn the hurricane attack. However, as described above, this is not the case – at least in the spotlight hour. Several players have since confirmed this, as has the problem with Metagross and the raid crash on Mega-Ampharos.

It is therefore advised that you do not perform the Hoenn event actions during the Spotlight Hour. Wait until the hour is over at 7 p.m. Then you can devote yourselves to Rayquaza, Metagross and Mega-Ampharos again. It could also be that the developers at Niantic will install a patch before the spotlight lesson in Pokémon GO starts with us. However, that is rather unlikely. So stick to the tips from the community.

The next big event in Pokémon GO has already been canceled for February. For the big Kanto tour you can buy a ticket in the shop for around 12 euros.

Source: Reddit

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