Players of the mobile game Pokémon GO were disappointed when the developers announced on April 10th that they had to deactivate Team GO Rocket for the time being due to a bug. But now it’s back.

Team GO Rocket is back in Pokémon GO

Anyone who previously met Arlo, Sierra, Cliff and Giovanni from Team GO Rockets had to expect that this could freeze the game. Since it was a bigger problem in Pokémon GO, Team GO Rocket has been deactivated for the time being. Now the bug has been eliminated and you can mess with the bullies again. Niantic also stated that there is a small amount of compensation for the team’s absence:

  • To make amends for the time Team GO Rocket was gone, Shadow Zapdos will return as an encounter when you defeat Giovanni from 12:00 noon on Tuesday June 17 through 12 noon local time on Thursday June 17
  • As an additional redress, a free box has been added to the in-app shop containing 30 Poké Balls and 1 missile radar. This box will be available until April 29th at 7:00 p.m. PT

Team GO Rocket is based on the Pokémon anime series and is represented there by Jessie, James and Meowth, who keep causing trouble for Ash and his friends. There are other members in Pokémon GO including Arlo, Sierra, Cliff, and Giovanni, as well as some nameless buffs.

If you fight them in the mobile game, you will receive strong Crpyto Pokémon as a reward, which always makes the fights very interesting. As a result, players were quite disappointed when Team GO Rocket had to be removed from the game without further ado until the developers got the bug under control.

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