Pokémon GO: Big Johto event will start soon – these are the special features – current games

Niantic gives the first information about the Johto event in Pokémon Go, which shortly after the end of the currently running Hoenn event takes place. The date has already been set: The new in-game activity starts on January 26th at 10 a.m. and ends on January 31st. Monsters like endive, fiery hedgehog, Karnimani, Voltilamm, Hoppspross, Griffel, Sonnkern, Yanma, Kramurx, Skorgla, Snubbull, Schneckmag, Miltank then appear more often in the wild than usual. With a little luck you will encounter a Shiny Miltank. Pichu, Pii, Fluffeluff, Felino, Rabauz, Kussilla and Larvitar hatch from the 5-kilometer eggs.

Also take part in the exclusive field research projects at the Johto event in Pokémon Go to earn stardust and encounters with Pokémon such as endive, fiery hedgehog, Karnimani, Lampi, Voltilamm, Mogelbaum and Miltank. Something is happening in raid battles too. Endive, fiery hedgehog, karnimani, voltilamm, apricot and larvitar appear in the scuffles of level 1. At level 3, Togetic, Psiana, Nachtara, Panzaeron and Miltank appear. In addition, Entei, Raikou and Suicune appear one after the other in level 5 raid battles during and after the Johto event. You can find the schedule on the Pokémon website.

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Pokémon GO: The Hoenn event will start soon – that's what you can expect

The activation of the new Hoenn event in Pokémon Go is imminent: In the article you can read the details about special features and rewards. Machollo will be the focus of the next Community Day in Pokémon GO.

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To complete the Gathering Challenge, you must catch Endive, Fiery Hedgehog, Karnimani, Mogelbaum, Sonnkern, Kramurx, Farbeagle, Miltank and Larvitar. As a reward you will receive 15 Pokéballs, ten Hyperballs and a smoke. You can also teach your Pokémon attacks from the Pokémon Days of 2018. Develop bay leaf (the further development of endive) so that your Meganie learns the Flora-Statue attack. With the development of Igelavar you get fire cannonade, with Waaty the attack Dragon Pulse and with Pupitar the attack catapult.

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