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The makers of Pokémon Go again call for voting for Community Day, but change the rules a bit, because this time they are looking for the candidates for the Community Day event in June and July 2020. You can find out which pocket monsters to choose from us!

The developers of Pokémon Go don't just want to decide which Pokémon after Samurzel will be the focus of the community day events in June and July 2020 next weekend (May 24, 2020 between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) becomes. And that's why they let the Pokémon Go players vote on it. You might think that the voting will start because fans of Niantic's fun pocket monster chase are rather unhappy with the choice that Samurzel made. However, it was already indicated in March 2020 that there will be further votes – and exactly the Pokémon that were found in the data from Pokémon Go at the time are now also available for selection.

These are Schiggy, Hornliu, Sandan and Nebulak. How do you vote? Sunday, May 24th, 2020 starts at 3:00 a.m. (our time) on the official Pokémon Go Twitter channel (@PokemonGoApp) until May 25, 2020 at 3:00 a.m. a voting for the Mon for the CD events in June and July. The Pokémon with the most votes will be the focus of Community Day in June, the Pokémon with the second most votes in July.

You can already find a vote on the Pokémon Go Twitter channel, but that's only a "what if" vote with the question "Which Pokémon would you vote if the vote were to take place now?" So don't get confused. Of course, this time, too, in order to make your choice of Mon tasty, the evolutions of Schiggy, Hornliu, Sandan and Nebulak will learn special attacks at Community Day.

Schiggy's second development, Turtok, can learn the Aurasphere, while Hornliu's second Evolution Bibor can learn percussion drills. Sandans and Alola-Sandans development Sandamer and Alola-Sandamer learn Darkclaw and Nebulak's second evolution Gengar learns Darkhand. Read the developers' comments below on the benefits of the skills in the combat league.

  • Squirtle: Develop Schillok (the further development of Schiggy) so that your Turtok learns the combat attack Aurasphere. Only Lucario can currently learn this attack, but with Aurasphere Turtok can defend against steel Pokémon like Registeel, which are often used in the GO combat league.
  • Hornliu: Develops Kokuna (the further development of Hornliu) so that your Bibor learns the ground attack percussion drill. With this unique combination of Bibor's beetle and poison type and the ground attack percussion drill, you will surely come up with some new combat tactics.
  • Sandan: Sandan's Kanto form appears in the wild and hatches from eggs. Alola-Sandan appears in raid battles. Develop Sandan or Alola-Sandan so that your Sandamer or Alola-Sandamer learns the Dark Claw spirit attack. Darkclaw is a good addition to both forms of Sandamer, but Alola-Sandamer in particular benefits from this instant attack because it charges charging attacks faster and does more damage than powder snow.
  • Nebulak: Develops Alpollo (the further development of Nebulak) so that your Gengar learns the ghost attack Sinister. Sinister is charged very quickly, so Gengar can trick the enemy into using his shields early. So you have clear ground for stronger attacks like spooky ball!

Pokémon Go developers will announce additional bonuses that will be active on the respective Community Days when the events get a little closer.

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