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Every month, the developers of Pokémon Go decide whether and how long the game facilitation introduced due to the corona pandemic remains activated so that players can also take part in the action from home. Good news for all fans: At least beyond August 2020, bonuses such as enlarged radii for arenas and PokéStops, halved breeding distances and doubled smoke exposure time remain in the game.

Pleasure for Pokémon Go players, because the developers of Niantic have decided to use the bonuses that have come into the pocket monster game in the past few months due to the corona pandemic and the associated circumstances, at least until August 2020 to keep. This means that you will continue to benefit from the following "special bonuses" throughout the month, even during events such as the Dragon Week or the Community Day with Karpador:

  • Twice the effect of smoke
  • The increased effectiveness of smoke, which means that more Pokémon are attracted
  • You can open 30 gifts a day instead of just 20 as usual
  • You can keep double the amount of gifts in your inventory, so 20 instead of just 10
  • You do not have to meet any walking requirements to enter the combat league, so you do not have to walk a specific route to participate in the trainer fights
  • The hatching of eggs only takes half the distance, i.e. with a normal egg incubator 1 instead of 2 kilometers, 2.5 instead of 5 kilometers, 3.5 instead of 7 kilometers and 5 instead of 10 kilometers
  • Trainers who use a remote raid pass in the raid do increased damage to the raid bosses
  • Friends can be invited to a raid fight from a distance
  • More coaches are allowed to take part in a raid fight from a distance
  • The radius of PokéStops and arenas has been doubled – from 40 meters to 80 meters

As long as the global situation regarding the pandemic does not change, it can be expected that the bonuses will remain activated beyond August. We hope you enjoy hunting!

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