Pokémon GO: Crypto Pokémon get stronger attacks

of Andreas Bertits
Niantic has intensified the attacks of the Crypto Pokémon in the mobile game Pokémon GO. This should make it even more attractive to catch the pocket monsters.

It should now be even more exciting and meaningful in the mobile game Pokémon GO to hunt for crypto Pokémon. Because Niantic has made interesting changes to this group.

More attack, less defense

You should now be even more tactical when using a Crypto Pokémon. Because by and large they are now stronger when attacking, but they have a poorer defense.

  • Crypto Pokémon now deal 20 percent more damage. However, their defense drops by 17 percent.
  • You now have to pay less star dust and candy for power-ups and new charging attacks of these pocket monsters.
  • The legendary Pokémon saved by Giovanni are even more powerful.
  • A frustration is soon to be relegated to the charge TM for another charging attack.

The Pokémon GO community is currently discussing these adjustments. Some think that the crypto Pokémon have now become too powerful. As a result, there was a fear that further adjustments would follow. So you might want to wait to spend your stardust on the Crypto Pokémon.

Source: PokemonGoLive via Buffed

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