Pokémon GO: Current boss list for the development event

from Sebastian Glanzer
During the Evolution Event, you will encounter different Pokémon in Pokémon Go in the Raids. We'll show you which Mon in the Tier 1 to Tier 5 Raids are active and until when you can still fight the ex-Raid boss Regigigas.

A new event also brings with it a new list of bosses in Pokémon Go that you encounter in Tier 1 to Tier 4 raids. Especially Tier-3 and Tier-4 raids are worth even more now than they were before, as the number of special bonbons has been increased and you are now guaranteed to receive a loading TM from Tier 4 raids. In the following you can see the current Boss list for the Evolution Event, which is still active until December 12th at 22:00 o'clock of our time.

Animal 1
Burmy *
Barschwa *
Trasla *

Burmy has been in its dazzling shape since the evolution event. If you do not have Galagladi or Guardevior with their special Community Day attack, you should grab at least one.

Animal 2
Flunkifer *
Yanma *

The advancement of Yanma is still one of the best Beetle Pokémon. Unfortunately you do not need beetle monsters in raids (against psycho). The development of Elektek (Elevoltek) is currently the best electric attacker. It is only outrun by the coming Tier 5 Mons from Generation 5.

Animal 3
Onix *
Alola Raichu *
Sichlor *

Truly meta-relevant in Tier-3 is no Pokémon, with Scherox (Progression of Sichlor) being the best Beetle Pokémon. Good porygon should be canceled, however, as there are rumors of a community day with this Pokémon.

Animal 4
Alola Knogga

Togekiss (evolution of Togetic) is a good tank against Dragon Pokémon. Rotomurf is currently the best ground attacker, but will soon be replaced by legendary Mon from Generation 5. Despite the release of Terrakium, Despotar is still a good stone attacker (with his Community Day Attack catapult) and a good backlash attacker.

Animal 5

The legendary Pokémon is a bit better than Despotar as a stone attacker. Terrakium is still active until 17 December.

Regigigas (active until the beginning of January)

* = as Shiny possible

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