Pokémon GO: Current Boss List (Hoenn Nostalgia Challenge)

from Sebastian Glanzer
With the start of the Hoenn nostalgia challenge, Pokémon in the raids have changed again in Pokémon Go. We'll show you which ones are active and which animal is the most worthwhile this time.

The Hoenn nostalgia challenge in Pokémon Go flushes a lot of third generation Pokémon into the wild and allows you to get a Groudon with the charge attack Firestroke at the end through several simple fieldworks. In keeping with the Hoenn event, the Pokémon in Tier 1 to Tier 4 raids will change again. We show you which ones are active, which pocket monster is particularly worthwhile in the individual tiers and where there is a chance of a shiny.

Tier 1
Geckarbor *
Flemmli *
Hydropi *
Wablu *
Confused *
Praktibalk *
Click *

The Hoenn starters are not particularly worthwhile without their special community day attack. For this, Praktibalk is returning to the Tier 1 raids. His second development is now considered the best combat attacker in the game.

Tier 2
Zobiris *
Flunkifer *
Roselia *
Perchwa *

If you have not yet set up an army from Roserades, you get the chance to get the best plant attacker in the game in the Tier 2 raids (at least as far as raw damage is concerned). Otherwise Tier 2 should be interesting for Shiny-Hunter who are looking for a dazzling perchwa.

Tier 3
Alola Raichu *

The Pokémon in the Tier 3 raids are not really convincing this week either. However, if you already have an eye on mega-evolutions, you can grab a banette.

Tier 4
Absol *

Medichan is an interesting option for PvP, while Metagross is worth considering if you want to use his Elite-TM to give him his Starry Night Community Day attack.

Tier 5
Viridium *

The boss, who is particularly vulnerable to flight attacks, remains active until May 19 at 10 p.m.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, ex-raids will be canceled until further notice.

* = possible as shiny

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