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Lichtel and Co. unfortunately disappear from the Pokémon Go raids after the Pokémon Day holidays, but equally interesting pocket monsters have already moved up. We show you which Pokémon are active in the Tier 1 to TIer 4 raids.

The Pokémon Day celebrations are slowly coming to an end and March is packed with events. This will change the Pokémon you encounter in Tier 1 to Tier 4 raids. In the following overview we show you which Pokémon are active and which you should pay special attention to this month.

Pokémon Go: March 2020 Boss List

Tier 1


Tier 1 raids host the most interesting Pokémon for the Pokémon Go metagame this month. With Koknodan and Praktibalk you can easily catch the pre-developments of the best battle and stone Pokémon. With Klikk, Petznief and Lithomith you will also come across rare pocket monsters that hardly ever appear in the wild.

Tier 2

Alola Georok
Alola Kokowei

If you are still looking for a light or ice glass cannon, Sniebel could be interesting. The highlight of the Tier 2 raids is Sedimantur, which like its previous development Kiesling is very rarely found in the wild.

Tier 3

Alola Raichu

Tier 3 raids are still worthwhile for solo players who are looking for more TMs and special sweets. In addition to Keifel as an ice attacker or his further development Mamutel, there is no particularly meta-relevant Pokémon here.

Tier 4

Alola Knogga

Geowaz serves as a reasonably good ground attacker, but like Despotar, there are now better Pokémon for their tasks, especially if you participated in the Rihorn Community Day.

Tier 5




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