from André Linken
Dataminer recently made some interesting discoveries in Pokémon GO files. There are indications that a rocket balloon and related interactions could soon appear in the mobile game. So far, confirmation from Niantic is pending.

The fans of the mobile game Pokémon GO can currently not complain about a lack of replenishment of content and events. In addition to the current Zekrom raids, there is also a solstice festival with several special quests and rewards. But the developer studio Niantic has a lot more to offer in the near future. At least this is suggested by the recent finds of some Dataminer.

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How can be read at, they were able to track down, among other things, the upcoming premiere of Rocket balloons in Pokémon GO. Apparently, this should float above the map of the game world and not be bound to Pokéstops or arenas. Accordingly, it is possible that it will move out of your field of vision over time and you will have to track it down again. In order to be able to interact with the structure, you must first follow it. After that, you may or must fight one or more Rocket villains. Furthermore, there are indications that you first have to activate a certain object so that the balloon appears on the map at all.

So far, however, the data has not shown whether and which special rewards or quests await you in connection with the balloon. The release period is also unknown. It is entirely conceivable that this is all part of the big Pokémon GO Fest 2020 in July this year. At any rate, Niantic has not yet issued a statement.


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