Pokémon GO: Dialga in Tier 5 raids

from Susanne Braun
In Pokémon Go, the legendary steel and dragon Pokémon Dialga from the 4th generation of the game will move into the Tier 5 raids from March 1st at 10 p.m. How to master the fight against Dialga can be found in our short guide to the impressive member of the Dimension Trio.

Update from July 26, 2020:

As part of the Pokémon Go Fest 2020, Dialga is finally back in the Tier 5 raids. We have a short and crisp overview of the best counters. In contrast to Palkia, you prefer to rely on fighters or ground attackers at Dialga!

  • Lucario with counter and aurasphere
  • Stalobor with clay clamp and earthquake
  • Groudon with clay shot and earthquake
  • Most day with counterattack and increase
  • Rihornior with clay clamp and earthquake
  • Demeteros with clay shot and earth forces

Original message from March 1, 2019: 3, 2, 1, over in our latitudes it will be in Pokémon Go from March 2nd, because then the legendary Dimension Pokémon Palkia will pull out of the Tier 5 raids of the Niantic game and make room for his buddy Dialga. Dialga will officially appear in the Tier 5 raids from 1:00 p.m. on March 1st. Since we don't have any new raids starting at 9 p.m., you have to be patient until March 2nd, 2019. Dialga is a 4th generation steel and dragon Pokémon, and together with Giratina and Palkia forms the Dimension Trio. In the following, we have listed useful tips and useful counter-Pokémon in our short guide to fighting Dialga.

Pokémon Go: Dialga as a raid boss

As a raid boss, Dialga has 53,394 competition points, so it's a really big chunk. As a dragon and steel Pokémon, Dialga takes more damage from combat and ground attacks. Dialga can be defeated by groups of two consisting of level 40 players with level 40 Pokémon such as Machomei, Kapilz or Hariyama in cloudy weather and best friends bonus, but it is not easy. Typically, three to six high-level trainers can defeat Dialga. If you want to be on the safe side, come with a group of seven or more coaches.

Dialga is mostly boosted by snow and windy weather: In windy weather, Dialga's "Fire Breath" and "Draco-Meteor" charging attacks do more damage. When there is snow, Dialga's steel attacks "Metal Claw" (immediate attack) and "Iron Skull" (charging attack) are intensified. And in rainy weather, Dialga's "Thunder" charge attack does more damage. If you want a level 25 dialga boosted by the weather, you can't avoid tackling the fight in windy or snowy weather. Important for you: The ground attacks of your Pokémon are amplified in sunny weather, the combat attacks of your pocket monsters when the sky is overcast.

The following Pokémon are considered the best counterattack to fight Dialga:

  • Machomei with the attacks "counter" and "balancing stroke"
  • Kapilz with the attacks "counter" and "balancing stroke"
  • Hariyama with the attacks "counter" and "balancing stroke"
  • Lucario with the attacks "counter" and "melee"
  • Scaraborn with the attacks "counter" and "melee"
  • Toxiquak with the attacks "counter" and "balancing stroke"
  • Groudon with the attacks "clay shot" and "earthquake"

If you have to fill up your team, then grab the following attackers

  • Lohgock with the attacks "counter" and "focus kick"
  • Galagladi with the attacks "kick" and "melee"
  • Rihornior with the attacks "clay shot" and "earthquake"
  • Quappo with the attacks "smashers" and "balancing stroke"
  • Mamutel with the attacks "clay shot" and "steamroller"
  • Donphan with the attacks "counter / clay shot" and "earthquake"
  • Mewtwo with the attacks "Psycho Blade" and "Focus Kick"
  • Rizeros with the attacks "clay shot" and "earthquake"

Pokémon Go: Catch Dialga

As already mentioned, Dialga is boosted to level 25 in windy or snowy weather. If you get to the catch screen after defeating the raid boss, the legendary Pokémon at level 25 can have between 2,771 and 2,884 WP. However, if the dialga on your screen is not boosted by the weather and therefore level 20, then it has between 2,217 and 2,307 WP. A 100-IV-Dialga has 2,107 WP und boosted and 2,884 WP boosted.

As immediate attacks, Dialga can have either the "Fire Breath" dragon attack or the "Metal Claw" steel attack. Dialga can use either "Draco-Meteor" (dragon type), "iron skull" (steel type) or "thunder" (electric type) as charging attacks. We (and the Pokémon Go Hub authors) hope you enjoy hunting Dialga!

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