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Niantic has given the go-ahead for a new event in the mobile game Pokémon GO. According to this, giant balloons from Team GO Rocket appear every few hours. As long as these objects are visible in the sky, you can fight against the villains – sometimes against Giovanni.

What had been hinting at some time ago is now quite official: the development studio Niantic has given the go-ahead for a new event in the mobile game Pokémon GO. In the foreground is the infamous GO Rocket team, of which huge balloons appear every few hours in the game world.

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As long as the hovering companion is visible in the sky, you can fight the villains. If you are lucky, you will even meet Rocket boss Giovanni for a big showdown. So that you know how to proceed at the event, there is a small guide at this point:

1. Tap a balloon to fight Team GO Rocket: Prepare for a challenge! Tap a Team GO Rocket balloon, select your battle team, and fight Team GO Rocket to save Crypto Pokémon. Team GO Rocket's balloons float around the map for a short time. Act quickly, otherwise they will fly away!

2. Put on your Rocket radars to find balloons with the Team GO Rocket bosses: If you put on a rocket radar, you can find the balloons controlled by Sierra, Cliff or Arlo.

3. Put on your super rocket radars to find Giovanni: Apparently even the leader of Team GO Rocket himself uses these Team GO Rocket balloons! If you put on and activate a Super Rocket radar, you can certainly track down Giovanni's balloon.

By the way, it is not yet known how long this new event in Pokémon GO will run. A suitable trailer can be seen below this message. If you are not particularly interested in the hunt for the balloons, the new raid boss Kyurem might be the right target for you. The legendary dragon can currently be found in level 5 raids.

Source: Niantic

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