The Illuminating Legends X event is currently running in Pokémon Go. Fairy Pokémon appear more often in the wild during the in-game event. In line with this, Niantic announces Limited research with the water and fairy Pokémon Marill – so another Marill event awaits players. The date and time have already been set: the research will start on May 9th at 8 a.m. You will then have until 10 p.m. to complete exclusive tasks to meet Marill. If you are lucky, you might even come across a shimmering specimen.

Indeed: The event went online early and can already be played. Niantic announced on Twitter that the research will run again on Sunday. The developers add that the research is then reset for each trainer who has completed it or has made progress. Basically, you can play the event twice – and get the rewards twice.

“In addition, you can also expect field research projects in which you will also meet Marill,” writes Niantic. If you want to catch Marill and encounter a Shiny specimen, you should stop by Pokémon Go from now on. The Illuminating Legends X event, meanwhile, will run until May 17th. With the event, Niantic introduced a rain lock module in the smartphone hit. This primarily attracts monsters who like rain, i.e. primarily water, bug and electric Pokémon.

If you are in the vicinity of a PokéStop with an active rain-lock module, you can develop Viscargot (the further development of Viscora) into Viscogon. Viscargot can also be developed when it is raining in the game. You will also encounter fairy Pokémon such as Parfi and Fluffy in the exclusive Temporary Research and receive rewards such as a rain lure module. For the event, Pii, Fluffeluff, Azurill, Kaumalat, Fluffy and Parfi hatch from the 7-kilometer eggs. Click this link to find out which other Pokémon Go events are coming up in May 2021.

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