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The creators of Pokémon Go have brought a well-known mechanic from the main Pokémon series into play, namely the exchange development. This means the following: If you exchange certain, selected pocket monsters with friends before you develop them, then you do not need candies for the next development! This saves you a big chunk of candy for level-ups of strong mon like brockoss and most-day-griff. We will tell you which months are affected.

The creators of Pokémon Go have brought an element of the main Pokémon series into play: Since January 11, 2020 in the evenings there has been the exchange development that brings a very special advantage for a handful of selected pocket monsters: their evolution costs after an exchange no more sweets! As previously mentioned, this is a feature that Pokémon veterans among you should already be familiar with. But which Pokémon is the exchange development now available in Pokémon Go?

Pocket monsters from different generations are affected: Kadabra, Maschock, Georok and Alpollo from the first generation as well as four new pocket monsters from Gen 5, which have just come into play with the update: Sedimatur, Strepoli, Laukaps and Schnuthelm, If you have already exchanged a Kadabra, Maschock, Georok or Alpollo in the past, please be happy, because the exchange development also works retroactive! This means that the evolution of the Mon no longer costs you candy.

Regarding the Gen 5 exchange development, Sedimantur (1st evolution from Kiesling) and Strepoli (1st evolution from Praktibalk) are particularly interesting for the meta players among you, because Brockoloss (2nd evolution from Kiesling) and Meistagrif (2nd evolution from Praktibalk) promise to cut a very good figure in PvE and PvP. So if you get Kiesling (wilderness, 5km egg) or Praktibalk (10km egg, tier 1 raid), develop it only once and then exchange it to save you the immense candy costs. If you want to know which one-of-a-kind Pokémon are now also available in the game, take a look at our overview!

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