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Some Pokémon Go fans wanted to find out if the buddy adventure could put their buddy in an excited mood without buying the Knursp payment snack. And lo and behold: That is possible – although it does involve some effort.

In Pokémon Go, players can now find the best buddies among their pocket monsters by participating in the newly introduced buddy adventure. The system presents you with a number of tasks every day that you can use to increase the affection of your active buddies, for example by feeding the pocket monster, scratching it or walking with it. If you don't really feel like that much effort, you can also switch to the Pokémon Go shop and buy the payment snack Knursp for 100 Poké Coins to feed your pocket monster and put it in an excited mood.

With the five possible moods of the buddies – normal, happy, smiling, fun and excited – only the last one brings you a significant bonus, because then your buddy collects a candy in only half of the required distance.

Some players wanted to find out whether the Excite mood for the buddies is possible without buying Knursp and lo and behold: Yes, this is possible, like the authors of Pokémon Go Hub to report. However, you have to put a lot of effort into this because you want to earn 32 hearts a day for your buddy (which are not shown visually) so that he is in a very good mood. For this it is interesting to know that every buddy activity apart from "Walk 2km with your buddy" has a cooldown of 30 minutes.

You can only get to the many hearts you need, such as feeding, by repeating the daily activities. For this purpose, the activities are linked to the levels of affection. For example, your buddy can only find gifts from "Super Buddy" (level 2). Incidentally, the different levels are staggered as follows:

  • A good buddy needs 1 collected heart
  • Super Buddy needs 70 hearts collected
  • Hyper Buddy needs 150 hearts collected
  • Best buddy needs 300 hearts collected

The following activities bring you the hearts you need

  • Visit a new place
  • Go for a walk together
  • Give your buddy a snack
  • Play together
  • Take a snapshot
  • Open a souvenir / gift (only from super buddy)
  • Visit a place your buddy has found (only from hyper buddy)

If your buddy is excited, you deserve double hearts for an activity and, as mentioned earlier, your buddy has to travel less distance to find a candy.

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