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Pokémon Go players have already had a taste of the Battle League. However, if you want to climb the rank diligently, you have to cover a few kilometers. At least the first fights at rank 1 are free. We'll show you what rewards you can expect for rated PvP in Pokémon Go.

The Pokémon Go Battle League is now playable. All information on the structure and the rules can be found in this article: Pokémon Go: Go Fight League starts this week – how it works. Here we show you what the interface looks like, how you find fights and what there is to win for successful coaches. You can see all the pictures in the picture gallery below.

When you press the Poké Ball, you will now see the "Fights" item in the menu. Here you can now challenge trainers at "fighting". If you swipe to the right, you can put together your team as usual. The "Teams" tab has now disappeared from the old menu (if you swipe left in your Pokémon storage). Unlike in the official news, this sasion runs until March 1, 2020.

Combat and rank rewards

Pokémon GO Combat League - First Pictures and Rewards (2)

Source: Buffed

Pokémon GO Fighting League - First Pictures and Rewards (6)

Source: Buffed

Before the fight you have to choose your league. The Superleague is currently active. So only Pokémon up to a maximum of 1,500 CP can compete. The fight against other coaches then proceeds as usual. There are rewards from just 3 wins: 300 stardust, berries and a special candy. For 4 wins, a Pokémon appears and from 5 there is another 600 dust.

Pokémon GO Fight League – First Pictures and Rewards (1) (Source: buffed)

Which Pokémon appears depends on your rank. At the beginning we had the chance of Machollo, Relaxo, Floink, Serpifeu or Ottaro. There is another 2,000 dust to climb the rank. After five games and four strings we rose to second place. For further rewards you have to travel 5KM. If you scroll down in the fight menu, you will find the QR code function, which you can use to fight friends when you meet face to face in real life. If you prefer to train first, you can choose one of the team leaders and test your teams.

Pokémon GO: the official trailer for the mate adventure

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