The excitement is over! What remains is the bittersweet feeling that always arises after the end of a major event; this is no different in Pokémon Go. The virtual Pokémon Go Fest 2020 last weekend (July 25th and 26th, 2020) employed millions of trainers who were delighted with massive spawns, cool bonuses, long-seen raid bosses, new monsters and the new invasion of Team Go Rocket . But as is usually the case with such large events, there were also a few problems.

For example, on Saturday around 5:00 p.m. of our time, Niantic Social was paralyzed because the Go Fest started in the Americas. The friends list in Pokémon Go is linked to Niantic Social. Sending gifts, and of all things to the friendship habitat to master the global challenge, then became very difficult or impossible. Habitat problems also appeared to have mainly occurred in the Pacific region, so that a compensation event has already been indicated. However, it is unclear whether something will be rescheduled worldwide.

Raid battles were also sometimes affected by lags, which was particularly annoying when you invested a remote raid pass. Bosses simply stopped responding while the timer continued ticking. Who in turn was not interested in the Go Fest, but preferred to frolic in the fighting league, also quickly looked into the tube, because the fighting league was temporarily switched off to relieve the servers.

Objectively, such problems were to be expected, but subjectively, they are of course annoying. Despite all the adversities, the Go Fest worked pretty well in this way, with the activities of the first day being much more exciting than those of the second. This has to do with the fact that the habitat changes every hour and thus the global challenge. There was always something to do and always to contribute to the community, whether you were at home or went out. That gave a much better sense of community than the Team Rocket invasion on day two, which virtually every Go Fest trainer was only concerned with himself and the people of Team Rocket. Apart from that, the last invasion of Team Rocket was only two weeks ago, so the event didn't feel like a special novelty.

Of course, there were also incentives to join other players through going out or long-distance raid passes, because bosses appeared in the Tier 5 raids, who have not been seen for a good 15, 16 months. Those who wanted to add a few Dialga, Palkia or Giratina (archetype) to their collection were happy. In retrospect, fans wish the dragons would stay a few days longer. Even though the dragons were waiting, day 2 of Go Fest 2020 felt a bit like the hangover version of day 1. The Niantic developers might have been able to keep the habitats activated without having to relate them to global challenges.

Speaking of global challenges: All three event weeks were unlocked by the Go Fest players, i.e. the dragon week, the enigma week and the one-week week. So you can also look forward to it afterwards, even if you haven't attended the Go Fest. You can find out exactly what happens in the event weeks in our hyperbonus overview. There is still no answer to the question: Have all 40 global challenges actually been solved? And if so, is there still an ultra hyper bonus? At least all those who haven't put the money into the Go Fest needn't be annoyed that Victini went through their paces. Because usually after the introduction of a mysterious Pokémon there is another special research that all players can do.

Our final conclusion: Thanks to the people of Niantic for not letting the Go Fest drop in the water despite all the corona pandemic adversity. Most of the features worked well and especially Saturday was fun in the best weather! Of course we want to know: What is your conclusion about Go Fest 2020?

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