Pokémon Go: gifts from your buddies

of Susanne Braun
In Pokémon Go, your buddies can bring you gifts and souvenirs every day since the advent of the Buddy Adventure feature. In practice, most players will be happy with the gifts rather than the useless souvenirs. But what gifts are there and how many can you get per package?

Since the launch of the Buddy Adventures in Pokémon Go in December 2019, your buddies can give you gifts from the Super Buddy level and souvenirs from the Hyper Buddy level. While the developers of Niantic provide you with a graphic (see above) which pretty but playfully senseless souvenirs there are in the game – after all, they don't clog your inventory – it is rather unclear which gifts a buddy can bring you. The theory crafters of the Pokémon Go community TheSilphRoad have tackled this problem by collecting and evaluating the data of the members of their PoGo fan community.

So get away with the tropical flowers and shells and bring along the really good souvenirs from your buddies. Apparently your buddies can bring you five different gifts, namely Raspberries, Sanana berries, nanaberries, revitalizers and hyper-potions. The authors of TheSilphRoad have read from their collected data that the chances of sana berries, nanaberries, revitalizers and hyper-potions are between 16 and almost 18 percent. Raspberries are brought to you with a chance of about 32 percent. "This can be used to interpolate a rate of 2: 1: 1: 1: 1," said TheSilphRoad. "Incidentally, neither the type of Pokémon nor the buddy level seem to have any influence on the type of gift; there were no significant results."

How many of the useful items you get from a gift varies. "Gifts that contain berries bring a basic set of seven items, while healing items (ie, liver and hyper potions) are based on a basic set of two." The theory crafters' hypothesis regarding the probability of getting more than just the basic set of items is as follows:

quantityWatched crowdObserved quantities in%Theoretical amount in%
Basic quantity1,00339.341.2
Basic set +11,20047.045.5
Basic amount +232512.712.6
Basic amount +3220.90.7
Basic amount +42ndless than 0.1less than 0.1

Find the contribution to this at TheSilphRoad.

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