Pokémon GO: Giovanni special research paused

from Susanne Braun
The creators of Pokémon Go have announced that the Go Rocket team will take a little break by September 2020. At least with regard to the monthly recurring special research by Giovanni, "A growing challenge". Accordingly, there are no new crypto legendaries until then.

If you are one of the Pokémon Go players who has done the recurring special research "A growing challenge" by Team Go Rocket boss Giovanni with punctual regularity, then on May 1, 2020 you may have been wondering where Professor Willow’s call was remains. Now that you've already got hold of legendary crypto Pokémon like the birds Lavados, Zapdos or Arktos, or perhaps the legendary beasts, the developers of Niantic Giovanni send a kind of forced break, from May 2020 to September 2020. " There has been little trouble lately with Team GO Rocket, so it won't get any harder. Between May and September, there will be no new Team GO Rocket special research, "the developers said at the Pokémon Go website.

That, however, they emphasize, does not mean that Team Go Rocket will be completely calm in the summer. "Prof. Willow and his team are very surprised about this and are still looking for useful clues. We hope, of course, that Team GO Rocket is history – but as we know these villains, it will hardly be the case. We will keep you up to date Current, because we doubt that Team GO Rocket will be so calm all summer long … ", it continues accordingly. So it is quite likely that an event will still take place in summer 2020. It remains to be seen how it will develop, because of course it also plays a role in how the players' restricted freedom of movement develops due to the corona pandemic.

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