Update from March 6, 2020:

Pokémon Go developers are hosting a special in-game raid weekend from March 13, 2020, from 8:00 a.m. local time to March 16, 2020, 10:00 p.m. local time, during which Giratina (transformational) in Tier 5 raids is available. Since several new Pokémon have come into play since Giratina's last raid option, we have updated our counter-guide to Giratina (change form). A little tip in advance: You can't really go wrong with dragon counters!

  • Dialga with breath of fire and Draco meteor
  • Crackers with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Darkrai with timpani and spooky ball
  • Rayquaza with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Palkia with dragon rod and Draco meteor
  • Brutalanda with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Dragoran with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Maxax with dragon rod and dragon claw

Update from September 24, 2019:

Until October 17, 2019, Giratina (change form) can be found again in the Tier 5 raids of Pokémon Go, and since the last release of the legendary Pokémon in October 2018, a few more pocket monsters from generations 4 and 5 have come into play, so that a little bit what happened to the counter for Giratina (change form). For this reason, we have updated our counter-guide for you and marked all changes in red. We hope you enjoy hunting Giratina (change form) in Pokémon Go – after all, you can currently get hold of it in its shiny version!

Original message from October 27, 2018: Just in time for the Halloween event 2018, not only a lot of ghost and unlight pocket monsters are up to mischief in Pokémon GO, Niantic is also sending a fourth-generation mon with Giratina for the first time Tier 5-Ring. From October 24th to November 20th, 2018 you can face the legendary, 34,987 CP strong raid boss in its changing form.

As Ghost and Dragon Pokémon Giratina gets a real beating from five types of attacks: Spirit, light, ice, dragon and fairy attacks cause very effective damage. Our counter shows which counter Pokémon bring the necessary punch in the fight against Giratina's defense (225) and endurance values ​​(284):

Pokémon GO: The best counterattack against Giratina

  • Rayquaza with dragon tail (dragon) and tantrum (dragon)
  • Palkia with dragon rod (dragon) and Draco Meteor (dragon)

Pokémon GO: Good counterattack against Giratina

  • Dragoran with dragon tail (dragon) and tantrum (dragon) or Draco Meteor (dragon)
  • Brutalanda with dragon rod (dragon) and Draco Meteor (dragon)
  • Latios with Breath of Fire (Dragon) and Dragon Claw (Dragon)
  • Dialga with Breath of Fire (Dragon) and Draco Meteor (Dragon)
  • Mewtwo with psycho blade (psycho) and haunted ball (ghost)
  • Gengar with Darkclaw (Spirit and Haunted Ball (Spirit)
  • Banana with dark claw (ghost) and spooky ball (ghost)
  • Despotar with bite (unlight) and grinder (unlight)

Pokémon GO: Giratina's attacks

Immediate attacks Charge attacks
Darkclaw (ghost) Dragon Claw (Dragon)
Breath of Fire (Dragon) Antique power (rock)
Shadow Strike (Spirit)

According to a simulation by the trainer boys and girls from Pokémon GO Hub is the fastest way to send Giratina with the two dragons Rayquaza and Brutalanda onto the arena boards. Which pocket monster you put in the ring the smartest, however, depends largely on your group size and – the smaller your group – Giratina's attacks. If the legendary raid boss has his two dragon abilities fire breath and dragon claw up his sleeve, be careful with Dragoran and Co.: Like Giratina, they also suffer very effective damage from dragon attacks, plus the STAB bonus. The same, only without a STAB bonus, applies to glass cannon Gengar and his ghost colleagues should Giratina conjure up the ghost attacks Darkclaw and Shadow Strike from the hat in the raid.

Shortly after Giratina's release, numerous YouTube videos in which trainer duos send the legendary dragon on the mat in pairs prove that the new Gen 4 boss does not pose a major challenge to a high-level trainer with a small Rayquaza army:

Pokémon GO: the weather forecast

If you meet a Giratina with dragon attacks, the toughest fight awaits you in windy weather. Foggy weather causes Giratina's (and your) spirit attacks to do more damage. Either fog as well as wind also strengthen the raid boss itself – as a reward for the higher level of difficulty, a better Pokémon will beckon you, which will save you a lot of kilometers and star dust, should you defeat and catch Giratina:

  • With level 20 and without weather amplification, a captured Giratina has 1,848 to 1,931 WP,
  • with weather reinforcement and level 25 over 2,310 to 2,414 WP.

Pokémon GO: Only 3 percent chance of catching legendary Pokémon tricks for you

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Pokémon GO: Trailer for the start of the 4th generation

Swell: Pokémon GO Hub, GamePress

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