Update from January 8, 2021:

After a break of around one and a half years, the ground counter-monster Groudon is back in the Tier 5 raids of Pokémon Go and is splitting from January 19, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to January 26, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. the raid spawns with colleague Kyogre. Of course, as a meta-player from PoGo, you not only have the chance of a Groudon with the perfect 100% IV value, but also of a Shiny! Because a lot has happened in Pokémon Go since Groudon's last appearance, we have updated the counterattack guide and below show you the twelve most sensible counterattacks for the ground powerhouse, which is still an extremely powerful counterattack for many raid bosses today. However, we left out the Crypto Pokémon. To level them is just very expensive. But there are good mega-Pokémon candidates for a successful Groudon raid.

Apropos: If you are looking for a Groudon with a perfect IV value, then it must be over 2,351 CP at level 20. When the sun is shining, Groudon is boosted to level 25 and must have 2939 WP for 100% IV.

  • Mega Bisaflor with tendril chop and Flora statue
  • Mega Turtok with aqua ratchet and aqua howitzer
  • Kyogre with cascade and surfer
  • Mega rexblisar with razor blade and meteorologist
  • Tangoloss with tendril chop and leaf whip
  • Chelterrar with razor tape and Flora statue
  • Gyarados with cascade and hydraulic pump
  • Sumpex with aqua ratchet and aqua howitzer
  • Mewtwo with confusion and ice stream
  • Impergator with aqua ratchet and aqua howitzer
  • Palkia with dragon tail and wet tail
  • Mega Charizard Y with vortex and fire cannonade

Original message from January 16, 2019: In Pokémon Go, the Gen 3 Legendary Groudon can spawn in the Tier 5 arenas; a powerful ground-type Pokémon that should not be ignored in the Pokémon Go metagame. Groudon is part of the weather trio, which also consists of Rayquaza and Kyogre, and appears again and again in the tier 5 raids; currently until January 29, 2019. Since Groudon is a ground-type Pokémon, the strongest counter-pocket monsters are those of the types water and plants.

Groudon's life points are equal to in raid combat
. If you can catch the ground mon after a win, then the WP Groudons without weather boost rank between 2,260 and 2,351 at level 20. If Groudon is boosted by sunny weather, he will reach level 25 with a WP between 2,825 and 2,939. Groudon can be done by teams of two, but only if the teams have weather-boosted Level 40 Pokémon. High-level trainers tend to find themselves in groups of three to six, while low-level trainers look for larger groups.

As a soil type, Groudon is susceptible to attacks by ice, water and plants. The most useful attack Pokémon for fighting the boss are as follows:

  • Gyarados with the attacks "Cascade" and "Hydro Pump". If Groudon has the "Solar Beam" charge attack, Gyarados will be fine as a flying and water Pokémon and, if hit, will not take as much damage as other Mon's.
  • Palkia with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and "Hydro Pump". Palkia has become stronger than Kyogre since Groudon's last appearance, and because Palkia is dragon type, Groudon's fire and plant attacks are less dangerous.
  • Mewtwo with the attacks "Psycho Blade" and "Ice Beam". Always a strong choice, Mewtwo can rival Groudon in any weather condition.
  • Impergator with the attacks "Cascade" and "
    Hydraulic pump
    With Impergator you can also count on Groudon to send the mon to the ground immediately with a "solar beam".
  • Kyogre with the attacks "Cascade" and "Hydropump". With Kyogre you have to dodge if Groudon should use "Solar Beam"!
  • Brutalanda with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and "Hydro Pump"
  • Glaziola with the attacks "Ice Breath" and "Avalanche"
  • Bulbasaur with "Rankenhieb" and "Flora-Statue" as well Roserade with "razor blade" and "solar beam" are particularly effective in sunny weather, when Groudon himself has "solar beam" and sunny weather prevails. However, if Groudon has the Firestorm attack, both will look very old.
  • Snibunna with the attacks "Ice Splinter" and "Avalanche". Unless Groudon uses Firestorm, this combination of skills makes Snibunna an excellent choice. Make sure, however, that Snibunna is a glass cannon.

Should you still have to fill gaps in your team in the fight against Groudon, then you can also open Gewaldro, Bisaflor, Roserade, Mamutel, Folipurba, Kapilz, Kokowei, Tangoloss, Latios, Snibunna, Tengulist and Sumpex To fall back on. You can also find more tips in the Groudon Guide by the authors of Pokémon Go Hub.

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