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In Pokémon GO, the Hyper League is the second highest of a total of three different PvP leagues. If you want to be successful here, you need a well-coordinated Pokémon team. We'll tell you which pocket monsters are particularly suitable for this in our guide.

After we recently introduced you to the best Pokémon for the Super League of Pokémon GO, today everything revolves around the Hyper League: This second-highest of the three PvP leagues from Niantics Mobile game allows the use of Pokémon with a maximum of 2,500 WP , Because the Pokémon GO meta changes regularly with the release of new Pokémon, PvP battles require preparation.

We are now telling you based on a guide from Pokemongohubwhich Pokémon are currently performing best in the Hyper League. We hope you enjoy browsing and good luck for your next matches!

Leaders – The best Pokémon to start the fight

If you open the fight cleverly, you have already won a lot. Pokémon that can quickly do a lot of damage with their normal attacks should not be missing from your team:

  • Garados (water / flight type) with a breath of fire and a grinder / tantrum / hydro pump is suitable as a counter to almost all Pokémon of the Hyper-Liga meta and, thanks to its attack combo, causes significant damage even to its own counter-Pokémon.
  • Lugia (type Psycho / flight) with kite rod or special sensor and aero-ace / hydraulic pump deserves a place in your hyper-league team thanks to its wide counter-abilities.
  • Lohgock (fire / fight type) with counter and fire cannon / fire sweeper works best as a counter to Registeel, but is also generally suitable as a good attacker against plant Pokémon such as Bisaflor.

Finalist – The best Pokémon for the final blow

When the battle is over and your opponent has used up his shields, you need strong finishers. These Pokémon best fill the role:

  • Giratina (change form and archetype, type spirit / dragon) with dark claw and breath of fire or dragon claw and antique power is one of the best Pokémon in the hyper-league and rams your opponents into the ground with its powerful attacks.
  • Bisaflor (plant / poison type) with tendrils and flora statue already convinced in the Super League with high damage at moderate costs and continues its triumphal march in the Hyper League.
  • Crackrack (type) with clay shot and earthquake / tantrum scores especially against ground and steel Pokémon, but is suitable as a general finalist at the end of a fight because of its good energy damage balance.
  • Groudon (soil type) with clay shot and earthquake / firestorm / solar beam is suitable as an all-rounder especially with earthquakes, but can cause a lot of trouble with firestorms, especially plant pokémon.
  • Alola-Sleimok (poison type) with timpani and mud wave / dark aura does a lot of damage and wipes out an entire team if your opponent doesn't use shields. But it is also good as an attacker in the middle of the fight.

Attackers – The best Pokémon for maximum damage

Sometimes it's all about causing as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time. You can best achieve this with the following Pokémon, which score with strong attacks and low energy costs:

  • Sumpex (water / soil type) with clay shot and aqua gun is already very popular in the Super League, but also triumphs as an attacker in the Hyper League, but be careful against plant Pokémon and add to your team if necessary a strong fire Pokémon, for example Charizard.
  • Charizard (fire type) with fire swirls and fire cannonade / dragon's claw really heats up your opponents in the hyper-league – in the truest sense of the word. Charizard can cause a lot of damage in a short time with low energy costs.
  • Dialga (type steel / dragon) with breath of fire and iron skull / thunder / Draco Meteor mainly serves as a counterattack against Giratina in the Hyper-Liga. Draco Meteor is one of the best attacks in terms of damage and energy consumption, but because of the attack debuff it is particularly suitable as a final attack.

Defender – The best defensive Pokémon

Defenders have two main advantages: they entice your opponent to use shields and they themselves have a high defense value. Your team shouldn't miss these Pokémon:

  • Armor mewtwo (Psycho type) with confusion and balancing strike or hail of stones is particularly well suited to entice opponents to use their shields. It also has a much better defense than the normal Mewtwo.
  • Registeel (type) steel with target shot and light cannon already worked in the Super League, but also scores in the Hyper League with damage and top WP values. But be careful of ground and combat Pokémon and add a powerful flight Pokémon to your team if you include Registeel in your team.
  • Relaxo (normal type) with Schlecker and body slam or earthquake is fast and can withstand a lot. So you can use it either at the beginning of the fight or if you need a Pokémon that can take a lot of damage.

In general, the following applies to all of these Pokémon: Make sure you position your team as broadly as possible and use counterattacks against the other Pokémon listed here. The Pokémon listed above appear accordingly often due to their fighting strength in the Hyper League and therefore require skillful counter teams.

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