Pokémon Go players are looking forward to a new event: Tomorrow, Tuesday, Illuminating Legends X will be activated. A time has already been set: The event starts at 10 a.m. During the event, which will last until May 17th, you will meet Xerneas in the raid battles of level 5 – the legendary fairy-type monster will be encountered for the first time in the smartphone adventure. Also to be found for the first time: Parfi, Flauschling and Viscora. Like other Dragon and Fairy Pokémon (including Dratini, Trasla, Child Worm, and Waumboll), Parfi and Fluffy appear more frequently in the wild. With luck you will meet a wild Viscora.

With the event, Niantic is also introducing a rain lock module for Pokémon Go. This primarily attracts monsters who like rain, i.e. primarily water, beetle and electric Pokémon. If you are in the vicinity of a PokéStop with an active rain-lock module, you can develop Viscargot (the further development of Viscora) into Viscogon. Viscargot can also be developed when it is raining in the game. You will also encounter fairy Pokémon such as Parfi and Fluffy in the exclusive Temporary Research and receive rewards such as a rain lure module. For the event, Pii, Fluffeluff, Azurill, Kaumalat, Fluffy and Parfi hatch from the 7-kilometer eggs.

In addition to Xerneas, psycho, dragon and fairy Pokémon such as Galar-Ponita and Alola-Kokowei appear in the raid battles. “In exclusive field research projects, you will encounter Psycho, Dragon and Fairy Pokémon such as Galar-Ponita, Kaumalat, Parfi and Fluffy”, leads Niantic continues out. Also complete the AR mapping tasks to encounter Galar Ponita. Both Dragoran and Brutalanda can learn special attacks. If you develop Dragonir or use a Charger TM for Dragoran, Draco Meteor can learn. If you develop Draschel or use a Charge TM for Brutalanda, it can learn Tantrum.

“In addition, the trainer community must work together to catch as many fairy Pokémon as possible,” writes Niantic. If you succeed, you will unlock bonuses for the second half of the event. You have until May 11th, 10 p.m., to catch a total of 500 million Fairy Pokémon together. Once this is done, you will receive special bonuses until the end of the Illuminating Legends X event. So you get three times as many Catch XP, Pam-Pam in the raid battles (for the first time in the game) and encounters with Shiny Galar-Ponita. Incidentally, the Illuminating Legends Y event will take place shortly afterwards, at which Yveltal will appear in Pokémon Go for the first time. In addition, Pam-Pam can then hatch from strange eggs. Further details are to follow shortly.

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