As you know, the next big Community Day in the mobile game Pokémon GO will take place on March 6, 2021, this Saturday. This time, the focus is on the pocket monster Dartiri and all of its forms of development. Shortly before this event, the Niantic development studio has secretly and quietly made some changes that will be of benefit to you at Community Day.

The "legendary season" started recently in the mobile game. Some dataminers immediately rummaged through the files and came across some interesting details. Accordingly, Niantic has adjusted the catch rate of some of the Pokémon. This also applies to the dartiri mentioned at the beginning. Its capture rate was previously 20 percent, but has now been increased to 50 percent by the developers.

So from now on you will be able to catch a specimen with the Poké Ball much more often, which is especially an advantage on Community Day in March. There are also helpful adjustments to the development stages of Dartiiri:


  • Catch rate increased from 10 to 25 percent
  • Escape rate reduced from 10 to 9 percent


  • Catch rate increased from 5 to 12.5 percent
  • Escape rate reduced from 10 to 5 percent

Thanks to these changes, this Saturday you can plunge into the hunt for Dartiri and its development stages a little more comfortably without wasting loads of Poké Balls. There were also similar adjustments to the catch rates for pocket monsters like Scoppel, Gelatini, Leufeo and Pyroleo.

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