Pokémon GO: indications of remote raid day surfaced

from Sara Petzold
Niantic is apparently planning further adjustments to the Pokémon GO raid system: Dataminer have discovered indications of a remote raid day in the game's current APK. Niantic also appears to be changing how raid passports are handled. We'll give you all the details.

While the corona crisis is keeping the world in suspense, Niantic is still busy working on potential Pokémon GO adjustments to the current situation. Fans of well-groomed raids in particular can look forward to further innovations, which may perhaps smooth the waves of outrage due to the new Pokémünzen system a little.

Dataminer are loud Pokemongohub Various interesting data found in the current APK of Pokémon GO:

  • Raid Pass Refund: Niantic is probably planning to adjust the consumption of raid passports. As a result, you will no longer need a raid pass as soon as you register for a raid, but only when the raid actually begins. You will get the raid pass back when you leave the raid lobby (for example, because there were not enough players for a raid).
  • Remote Raid Day: Players may soon enjoy a Remote Raid Day. We also get five free long-distance raid passes. A Raid Day Box with further remote raid passes can also be found in the APK data. Niantic will also have to increase the limit of long-distance raid passes, which we can carry at the same time, from three to five.
  • Free stuff: There are references to a free daily box, a free bonus box and a free category in the shop.
  • Stickers: The data includes code for a sticker feature that allows stickers to be added and sent. We may be able to buy the stickers in the shop.

Finally, there are some new dialog lines in the data that are in the context of the Throwback 2020 Challenge stand. Professor Willow mentions a Pokémon he has never seen before. What it is, however, remains unclear – maybe we will soon get Genesect for all players?

Keep in mind that these features are content that can change until the release! We still want to know from you what you think of the potential innovations like the Remote Raid Day. Let us know in the comments!

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