Pokémon Go: Kapuno delights for Dragon Week? Think!

The Dragon Week in Pokémon Go has been over since August 7, 2020 at 10:00 p.m.; this is the first hyperbonus that the players of the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 have unlocked for all trainers worldwide. And when the dragon week was announced, all the players were full of anticipation. That, however, was wiped away by cold disillusionment during the event. Because two of the main protagonists of the Dragon Week are two pocket monsters, which are already rare, and unfortunately hardly showed up during the event.

Hardly Salad is the first of the two coveted dragon mon that the trainers hunt for, especially in its shiny version. This could only be seen very rarely in the wild during Dragon Week (and even more rarely lured with smoke). But at least Kaumalat is a raid boss who appeared in the raids for the event. So there was still some hope of getting one or the other hard lettuce, be it in the wilderness, via a raid or … from an egg! We'll get to that in a moment.

What is worse, however, is that Kapuno has made himself even rarer than Kaumalat, especially since it has now also come into play in its shiny version for Dragon Week. With the Dragon Week, Kapuno (like Kaumalat) had the chance to hatch from the 7km eggs, i.e. the friendship eggs. Kapuno, however, did not appear in the wild or in raids. So if you wanted a Shiny Kapuno or calculated that you could soon develop a Duodino or a Trikephalo, you have bet on the 7km eggs and hoped that a cool dragon will hatch. Did you get one? If so, then you are extremely lucky.

Many players who hatched one egg after another as part of the Dragon Week looked straight into the Dratini and Seeper hell. Every now and then a crackling came out of the eggs. Very, very seldom a lettuce. But a kapuno? Nothing. A Pokémon Go fan posted an impressive post on Twitter about it.

He hatched the maximum number of 7km eggs every day of the Dragon Week and did not receive a kapuno – at the time of his post that was three days. But Cody Miles is not the first and only one to get upset about Kapuno's extreme rarity. And about the fact that the Go Fest 2020 players have unlocked a reward that is almost impossible to collect. Sure, there were still the two secured Kapuno from the Hyperbonus research.

But there were certainly quite a few players out there who put their money into egg incubators or even super incubators in the hope of a barely lettuce or kapuno. And that in turn can be viewed critically.

The Pokémon Go Hub authors also have an opinion and complain that the developers of Niantic are very opaque with regard to the breeding rates of Pokémon. "With other games that have loot boxes, they are legally obliged to display the drop chances for the potential items from the loot box that can be bought," says author Fitz City. And it's true: from this point of view, an egg in Pokémon Go is a loot box and we buy the key, the incubator, to open this box in the item shop.

There is no transparency whatsoever in Pokémon Go in this regard. Yes, from time to time we find out from the official side which pocket monsters could hatch from which egg. But we are in the dark when it comes to accurate hatch rates. The designers at Niantic have always been silent in this regard. And it is only through the hard work of the SilphRoad community that it is possible to roughly estimate which pocket monster will hatch with which chance from an egg – because the theory crafters from SilphRoad collect and evaluate the data of thousands of players.

There has been a lootbox problem in Pokémon Go not just since Dragon Week. It would be nice if the developers of the pocket monster app could take a look at the cards in this regard. Also to avoid possible legal problems.

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