Update from February 8, 2021:

To celebrate the Lunar New Year in Pokémon Go, Latias is returning to the Tier 5 raids with his buddy Latios. The two took their time, the last time they were there in January 2020. Latios and Latias are still very decent counterattacks for certain PvE challenges in Pokémon Go. And even if you don't want Latias for raid counterattacks, then you might still want to secure a shiny copy. The chance of something dazzling exists after defeating the boss. We currently recommend the following counterattacks for your fight against Latias. By the way: Are you looking for Latias with a perfect 100% IV value? Then it has 2,006 CP at level 20. If Latias is boosted to level 25 in windy weather, then at best it has 2,507 WP.

  • Mega Gengar with dark claw and haunted ball
  • Mega dog monkey with lecture and parasite
  • Rayquaza with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Palkia with dragon rod and Draco meteor
  • Brutalanda with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Zekrom with breath of fire and tantrum
  • Dialga with breath of fire and Draco meteor
  • Knakrack with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Reshiram with breath of fire and Draco meteor
  • Maxax with dragon rod and dragon claw
  • Dragoran with dragon rod and Draco meteor
  • Darkrai with lecture theater and dark aura

Original message from February 21, 2019: Once again, the creators of Pokémon Go don't just have one event at the weekend, no, a second has to come along. Limited Research with the Gen 3 Pokémon Perlu will take place on February 23, 2019. Meanwhile, the developers of Niantic announce that a special raid event will take place from February 22nd at 10 p.m. to February 25 at 10 p.m. Latias will be back in the tier 5 arenas. And with a bit of luck, you can get Latias in its dazzling form. So pack the raid passes and buckle your shoes to your boots so you can add Latias to your collection if you haven't already.

Of course, for this special raid challenge in Pokémon Go, we give you a brief overview of the counterattacks you can use to face Latias. Latias is a legendary dragon and psychic Pokémon. If you catch it without a boost, Latias has 1,921 to 2,006 CP at level 20. When boosted to level 25, Latias has 2,402 to 2,507 CP – 2,507 CP stands for a perfect 100% IV value if you can catch it. You should tackle Latias with his 48,080 Raidboss WP with three to five players with high-level Mon – or at least find seven other trainers who want to fight with you. We warn: The fight is not easy.

Latias is boosted by windy weather and then reaches level 25. This is a problem, because not only attacks from dragon attacks by your combat team are then reinforced, but also Latias' attacks "Breath of Fire" and "Tantrum". Not only that, the psychological attacks "Zen Headbutt" and "Psycho" are also intensified in windy weather – these are four of the five attacks that Latias can use as a raid boss. So be prepared for an increased consumption of Animators, because if you use Dragon Pokémon for battle, Latias will send them to the boards with a charging attack at the latest.

If you attack Latias in cloudy weather, fairy attacks are intensified, in snowy weather ice attacks, in rainy weather beetle attacks. Even then you should be careful, because then Latia's fifth possible attack will be reinforced, namely "Thunder". If foggy weather prevails, the dark and ghost attacks of your mon will be strengthened. The following pocket monsters are among the strongest attackers for a raid against Latias. As already emphasized: Make sure that dragon attackers deal very well, but Latias will also hit them hard.

  1. Knakrack with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and "Tantrum" (new)
  2. Palkia with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and "Draco Meteor" (better than before)
  3. Dialga with the "attacks" fire breath "and" Draco-Meteor "(new)
  4. Rayquaza with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and "Tantrum"
  5. Dragoran with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and "Tantrum"
  6. Darkrai with the attacks "lecture theater" and "Spukball" (new)
  7. Giratina (original form) with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and "Spukball" (new)
  8. Brutalanda with the attacks "Dragon Rod" and
  9. Latios with the attacks "Breath of Fire" and "Dragon Claw"
  10. Snibunna with the attacks
    and "avalanche"
  11. Skelabra with the attacks "Burde" and "Spukball" (new)
  12. Mamutel with the attacks "powder snow" and "avalanche"
  13. Despot with the attacks "Bite" and "Crunch"
  14. Trikephalo with the attacks "Breath of Fire" and "Dark Aura" (new)
  15. Guardevoir with the attacks "Charme" and "Zauberschein" (new)

We wish you every success if you want to tackle Latias with your pocket monsters.

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