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Dataminer have already figured out what the Community Day Pokémon will be in March. Apparently Abra will appear on March 15 (Sunday) and will be found in the dazzling form. Officially, this has not yet been confirmed by developer Niantic.

Like among others the Dataminer from the Pokeminers read from the game files of Pokémon Go, the Community Day in March revolves around the Psycho-Pokémon Abra. The date also seems to have been fixed: Sunday March 15th. However, there is still no official confirmation from Niantic.

As I said, so far only the information from data mining exists. It is not yet known which other bonuses are active and which special attack Abras' second development Simsala will learn. Usually, the signature moves from the original Pokémon games are implemented on a Community Day. In the case of Siimsala, that would be psychic power. This attack reduces the opponent's chance to hit. This cannot be implemented 1: 1 in Pokémon Go.

Instead of accuracy, Psykraft could weaken the opponent's defensive. With this, Simsala would only find a place in the Go fight league in the metagame, which would not quite fit into the Niantic concept. Other possible attacks would be psychokinesis or psycho shock. At least with psychokinesis, Simsala could slip behind Mewtwo in second place among the best psycho-attackers, pushing Psyana from second place.

However, there is still a chance for another exclusive attack. So we have to wait for the official info from Niantic- In the picture of Kelvin you can see what the dazzling form of Abra, Kadabra and Simsala look like. The iridescent shape of Abra is just a little paler than the normal shape. Simsala, however, differs significantly.

Pokémon GO: Leak - Community Day in March with Abra (1)

Pokémon GO: Leak – Community Day in March with Abra (1)

Source: twitter.com/Kelven91

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