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It was to be expected that the Community Day in December 2020 will also be a mega community day, like the year-end events of previous years. And that's how it will turn out! The developers of Niantic promise increased spawns of 23 different Pokémon over two days. Which of them do you really want to hunt as a meta player? We tell you!

As in previous years, the last Community Day in Pokémon Go will be a mega-event. The developers of Niantic have announced that Community Day in December 2020 will be available over two days and that the focus will be on 23 different pocket monsters, namely the Community Day protagonists from 2019 and 2020. It's good that the event will then take place on two Days takes place so that you have the opportunity to catch the Pokémon you want. But … which of the 23 Pokémon of Community Day in December 2020 are actually interesting for meta players? We'll explain that to you in a moment. Before that, the key data for Community Day:

Community Day in December 2020 will take place in Pokémon Go on December 12 and 13, 2020. The people from Niantic have not yet revealed the times, but it can be assumed that you will be busy catching the pocket monsters you have chosen as usual between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Whether there will be special research for sale has also not yet been officially communicated. Based on the Assessments from the authors of Pokémon Go Hub we give you an overview of the Pokémon that you do not want to let go of yourselves on Mega Community Day.

  • Rizeros – The development Rihornior learns as an exclusive attack Rock Thrower, which charges a little slowly, but then hits it hard. Rock attackers are always a solid choice in raids, so it is worthwhile to have a few rihornior in your collection.
  • Hydropi – The development of Sumpex with the exclusive Aqua Dove attack is worthwhile both in trainer battles and in raids – but especially in Pokémon Go PvP!
  • Charmander – The development Charizard does particularly well in the Super League with Breath of Fire.
  • Squeak – The development Mamutel is strong in raids, but not Antik-Kraft. Feel free to collect a few squeaks, but don't develop them on Community Day.
  • Magikarp – The development of Gyarados, with its exclusive Wet Tail attack, is a serious opponent, especially in coach fights.

After the top 5 you can also look out for more Mon, like Flemmli for Lohgock with Lohekanonade, Kindwurm for Brutalanda, Geckarbor for Gewaldro, Karnimani for Impergator, Chelast for Chelterrar, Bummelz for Muntier (not Letarking!), Plinfa for Impoleon, Abra for Simsala, Nebulak for Gengar (of course!) and Elektek for Elevoltek.

The least interesting for meta-players of Pokémon Go are Trasla, Knacklion, Panflam, Samurzel, Hornliu, Porygon and Magmar. Of course, you can still catch the pocket monsters if you still want to grab one or the other Shiny! We wish you a lot of fun with Pokémon Go Community Day in December 2020. Make sure you clear out your Pokébox beforehand!

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