The Pokémon Go community has worked together and done the Limited Research on the Mega Buddy Challenge, so hopefully you'll meet Mega Gengar in the Mega Raids soon. Because once you have defeated the ghost and poison type Pokémon, you will also unlock its mega evolution. When exactly Mega Gengar will be found in the raids with the color changing eggs is not yet known; we will then inform you about it. But already now you can put together a powerful counter-team to show Mega-Gengar who is the boss in the raid.

You can find all the interesting information below in our counter-guide to Mega-Gengar in Pokémon Go. First of all: If you have defeated Mega Gengar as a raid boss, then in the subsequent bonus challenge you will not catch Mega Gengar himself, but an unmorphed Gengar.

Pokémon Go: Defeat Mega Gengar as a raid boss

We already mentioned it: Mega-Gengar is a Pokémon of the type ghost and poison and therefore cannot be fought any differently than a normal Gengar, if that can be seen in a raid. As a raid boss, Mega Gengar has an incredible 65,215 CP, which is best beaten down with at least three trainers – more players are definitely worth it if you want to be on the safe side. Ghost Pokémon take more damage from Dark and Ghost attacks, and because of its dual type, Ground and Psychic attackers can also be used in the fight against Mega Gengar.

Although Mega-Gengar is boosted in fog, in the best case scenario you still want to attack in foggy weather, because then your dark fighters such as Mega-Hundemon cause more damage. If Mega Gengar has the Dark Claw and Haunted Ball attacks, then you are much better advised in battle with dark, psycho and ground pocket monsters than with a ghost mon. The following Counter-Pokémon are best. We leave out Crypto-Pokémon, which can be powerful, but are also very expensive to level. So it's best to use:

  • Mega Gengar with Schlecker and Spukball
  • Mega dog monkey with lecture and parasite
  • Mewtwo with confusion and psychological thrust
  • Mega Charizard Y with a vortex of fire and fire cannonade
  • Mega Turtok with a bite and an aqua howitzer
  • Giratina (original form) with dark claw and haunted ball
  • Groudon with clay shot and earthquake
  • Darkrai with lecture theater and dark aura
  • Demeteros with clay shot and earth forces
  • Metagross with Zen headbutt and psychokinesis
  • Mega pigeon boss with flapping wings and swooping
  • Crack crack with clay shot and earthquake
  • Steel laboratory with clay shot and hammer drill
  • Mega Charizard X with a vortex of fire and fire cannonade
  • Jirachi with confusion and psychokinesis

Pokémon Go: Catch Mega Gengar

As already mentioned, after a victory you will not catch a Mega Gengar, but a normal Gengar. So if you have successfully completed the fight against Mega Gengar, the compulsory part of the routine follows and you have the chance to ban the pocket monster into your Poké Ball. Then Gengar has 1,644 CP at level 20 with 100% IV values. If Gengar is boosted to level 25 in cloudy or foggy weather, then it has 2,055 CP with perfect 100% IV values. We wish you all the best with your hunt!

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