Pokémon Go: Mega Hundemon as a raid boss

During Mega September, when the developers of Pokémon Go lined up event after event, players had the opportunity to unlock several new Mega Evolutions. First it was Mega Tauboss, which can appear in Mega Raids since September 19, 2020. Next, the fans of Pokémon Go could earn Mega-Hundemon.

It is not yet officially known whether they have made it (we cheekily assume that) and when Mega-Hundemon will appear in the Mega-Raids. Sooner or later, however, the pocket monster will appear in the mega raids and you can now use our counterattack guide to prepare for mega dog monsters. One piece of information in advance: It's going to be boozy! As soon as it is known when Mega Houndemon comes into play, we will let you know.

First of all: If you have defeated Mega Hundemon as a raid boss, then in the subsequent bonus challenge you will not catch Mega Hundemon itself, but an untransformed Hundemon.

Pokémon Go: Mega Hundemon as a raid boss

Like a dog monkey without mega development, mega dog monkey also belongs to the types of dark and fire. Correspondingly, its possible attacks also belong to the types fire and dark – fire attacks such as fire tooth and firestorm are boosted in sunny weather, while dark attacks such as lecture halls and parasites cause the most damage in fog. Because of the double type, Mega-Hundemon takes more damage from all kinds of attacks, you should concentrate primarily on attacks of the types water, rock and combat during combat. Ground attackers are also good, but you should refrain from countering beetles because they take more damage from fire.

As a raid boss, Mega-Hundemon has 53,826 CP, which you have to beat down – that works with experienced coaches with the perfect counterattacks in a duo, but most of you will attack better with three to five players. Or even more, because after all you get more premium balls the faster you send the raid boss onto the boards. In the fight against mega-dog monsters, it is best to let the following Pokémon come into play:

  • Mega Turtok with aqua ratchet and aqua howitzer
  • Kyogre with cascade and surfer
  • Rihornior with clay clamp and rock thrower
  • Most of the time with a counterattack and a powerful blow
  • Rameidon with catapult and hail of stones
  • Terracion with catapult and hail of stones
  • Macho with a counterattack and a powerful blow
  • Sumpex with clay shot and aqua howitzer
  • Kingler with a bubbler and a crab hammer
  • Despot with catapult and stone edge
  • Lucario with counter and aurasphere
  • Impergator with aqua ratchet and aqua howitzer
  • Knakrack with clay shot and earthquake

Pokémon Go: Catch Mega Dog Monkey

As already mentioned, after a victory you will not catch mega dog monsters, but a normal dog monsters. So if you have successfully completed the fight against Mega-Hundemon, after the duty, the freestyle follows and you have the chance to ban the pocket monster into your Poké Ball. Then Hundemon has 1,505 CP at level 20 with 100% IV values. If Hundemon is boosted to level 25 in clear, sunny weather or fog, then it has 1,882 CP with perfect 100% IV values. We wish you all the best with your hunt!

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