Pokémon Go: Mega Hundemon is officially unlocked!

from Susanne Braun
The creators of Pokémon Go announce that the players of the pocket monster collecting game have met the requirements for unlocking mega dog monsters in the mega raids. From September 30, 2020 in the morning hours, Mega Hundemon will then have the chance to appear in European Mega Raids. And that is much more useful than a mega pigeon boss.

The Pokémon Go community has been busy fighting and that's why the developers of Niantic have announced that Mega Hundemon has been unlocked. The Pokémon of the types Dark and Fire will then be added to the available selection of possible Mega Raid spawns in the morning hours from September 30, 2020. And that will especially please the metagame players and raiders among the trainers, because in contrast to Mega-Tauboss, Mega-Hundemon plays a real role as a counterattack for raid bosses.

Due to the types of mega pigeon boss – normal and flight – there are no significant advantages for its use. It's just nice to have to unlock the mega evolution for the mega Pokédex. Flight is not a particularly strong type and attacks of the normal type are not boosted. Mega Hundemon, on the other hand, is a strong fire and dark attacker that you want to pull out, for example, in the fight against tier 5 raid boss Giratina (original form), as soon as the legendary Pokémon of the ghost and dragon types is back in around October 10, 2020 is available to the raids.

And you probably want to have mega-dog-monsters ready when Mega-Gengar is to be defeated in the raids on Halloween in October 2020, because mega-dog-monsters are also a great counterattack for this pocket monster in its mega evolution. If you want to know how you defeat your mega-dog-monkey in the raids of Pokémon Go in order to collect enough mega-energies for a mega-evolution, then take a look at our counter-guide.

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