Pokémon GO: Mega Pigeon Boss Unlocked!

from Sebastian Glanzer
Players in Pokémon Go have gained a lot of mega energies from the mega raids in the last few days and thus unlocked mega pigeon boss early on. From Friday or Saturday of our time you can jump into mega pigeon raids.

As part of the Mega Evolution Challenge, Trainers in Pokémon had to complete 2 million Mega Raids for Mega Pigeon Boss to appear in the raids. This task was made easier by the developers with super cheap remote raid passes. The challenge was achieved two days before the end of the event and players can from September 18 at 1 p.m. PDT (10:00 p.m. our time) Collect mega energy in mega pigeon boss raids in order to develop your very own mega pigeon boss.

As a Flying Pokémon, Pigeon Boss is susceptible to Electric, Stone, and Ice attacks. Therefore, it is best to use the stone attackers that have already been most effective against Mega Charizard-Y. You prefer to avoid Grass, Fighting, and Beetle Pokémon, as they are prone to flight types. According to pokebattler.com you should be able to defeat Mega-Tauboss with two players with the right counter-Pokémon, but pay attention to the weather: Windy and slightly cloudy boost the CP of Tauboss and make it a bigger challenge.

How good is Mega Pigeon Boss in the Pokémon Go metagame?
Redditor yoadknux has analyzed the values, attacks and attacks of Mega Pigeon Boss and comes, unsurprisingly, to the conclusion that Mega Pigeon Boss will not play a major role in the metagame of Pokémon Go. The flight type is simply too uninteresting for that and Tauboss currently does not have the necessary attacks available to be particularly interesting for raid or PvP battles. But that doesn't mean that Mega Pigeon Boss is completely useless. Especially those who are still looking for counterattacks against, for example, Viridium, have a good counterattack with Mega Tauboss.

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