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Pokeminers' Dataminers have been scrutinizing the latest APK of Pokémon Go and have found tons of signs of mega-Pokémon and mega-evolutions. There are also references to mega raids and mega candies – you probably need the latter to initiate mega evolutions. We have viewed the information.

In 2020, the mega-evolutions are to be introduced in Pokémon Go, as the developers at Niantic have already indicated – the first batch of 6th generation Pokémon is also expected by the turn of the year. The Pokeminers Dataminers have found all sorts of informative information about the Mega Pokémon in the latest APK (0.185.0). It will appear that there will be mega raids with their own music, and mega candies are "raining" as a reward after such a fight is over. These candies are in turn believed to be needed for mega-evolution. But keep in mind that these are findings from the data miners and not official confirmation from the developers.

It also seems like there are jobs to do if you want to carry out a mega-evolution and some data give the impression that the mega-evolution would not happen permanently, but only for a short time before the affected pocket monster returned to his changes back to its original shape. For the evolution and the devolution, chic animations come into play that you have not yet been allowed to admire. Megas also have a boost. It can be assumed that they then simply receive a damage multiplier for their attacks during the mega-evolution. But none of this is set in stone!

Other news from the APK 0.185.0 of Pokémon Go concern Professor Willow, who is rumored to have made new friends. An inventory for the stickers should come into play and updates on friends and gifts ensure that you can leaf through. You can find all the clues found by the Pokeminers in their Reddit thread.

It is often the case, however, that the people at Niantic play relevant data in the Pokémon Go client months before a feature is released. So Mega Pokémon are not expected to appear so soon.

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