Update from September 24, 2020:

After around two years, the legendary Firebird Lavados returns to the Tier 5 raids in Pokémon Go. And even if a lot has happened in the meantime, Lavados is still a big player in the metagame of Niantic's pocket monster collecting game and a powerful fire counter that you absolutely want to have. And of course, shiny hunters also see opportunities! So that your Moltres from October 3, 2020 in the morning hours to October 9, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. in the raids of Pokémon Go We have updated our Moltres Counter-Guide.

However, we do not use Crypto-Pokémon because it is relatively expensive to level them up. But we're including mega-Pokémon in the list of theoretically the best fighters against Moltres. We wish you a lot of fun and success in beating down the 45,609 CP that the bird has as a raid boss; best attack him with three or more trainers. By the way: If you are on the hunt for a volcano with 100% IV value, then it has 1,980 CP at level 20. At level 25 (when the weather is boosted by sunny or windy weather), it has 2,475 CP with a 100% IV value. The best counterattacks for molasses:

  • Rameidon with catapult and hail of stones
  • Rihornior with catapult and rock thrower
  • Terracion with catapult and hail of stones
  • Mega Turtok with aqua ratchet and aqua howitzer
  • Despot with catapult and stone edge
  • Brockoloss with catapult and hail of stones
  • Aerodactyl with stone throw and hail of stones
  • Amoroso with stone throw and hail of stones
  • Demeteros with stone throw and hail of stones
  • Geowaz with stone throw and stone edge
  • Alola-Geowaz with stone throw and stone edge
  • Sunfel with stone throw and hail of stones
  • Lunastone with stone throw and hail of stones
  • Regirock with stone throw and stone edge

Original message from September 15, 2018: Less than a week after Lavados Day on September 8th, the legendary bird is paying another visit to Pokémon GO's Raids. As part of the ultra bonus event, the fire-flying Pokémon will appear from September 13th to 20th at 10 p.m. CEST, alternating with its legendary fellow fowl Arktos and Zapdos as tier 5 boss. With a bit of luck, all three birds can also be found in their Shiny variant and once again have their exclusive attacks Sky Sweep (Lavados), Hurricane (Arktos) and Thunder Shock (Zapdos) in their luggage, which you already had from the reward days of the three global challenges knows. Loud Pokémon GO Hub your chance of a shimmering grilled chicken is five percent and thus at least over Lavados' catch chance of just three percent.

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Source: Niantic

Lavados is considered a lightweight among the legendary raid bosses: At its raid premiere last year, various trainers managed to send the firebird to the mat just in pairs. After the CP Nerf on Lavados Day, Niantic raised the competition points of the fiery poultry again from 32,496 to 41,953. In addition, with the ultra bonus event, the app makers have also tweaked the rules of the game for tier 5 raids: Instead of 300, you currently only have 180 seconds to send a legendary boss to the mat. If you still want to try your hand at a duo raid, you should have at least trainer level 30, appropriately upgraded Pokémon and a team with the best Moltres counterattack.

The legendary bird belongs to the two types of Pokémon Fire and flight on. A bank are therefore rock Pokémon including rock attacks, with which you can exploit Lavados' double weakness against this type of attack. Water and electric attacks are also very effective in causing damage.

The three best Counter-Pokémon to fight against Moltres

  • By far the best counter-attacking monster is Despot with catapult (rock) and stone edge (rock).
  • Only come after that Amoroso with the legacy moves stone throw (rock) and stone hail (rock)
  • and Geowaz or Alola-Geowaz with stone throw (rock) and stone edge (rock).

Good counter-Pokémon for battling Moltres

  • Kyogre with cascade (water) and hydropump (water)
  • Rayquaza with dragon rod (dragon) and antique force (rock)
  • Raikou with thunder shock (electric) and electric shock (electric)
  • Lunastone with stone throw (rock) and hail of stones (rock)
  • Sonnfel with stone throw (rock) and hail of stones (rock)
  • Deer tree with stone throw (rock) and hail of stones (rock)
  • Gyarados with cascade (water) and hydraulic pump (water)
  • Zapdos with charging beam (electric) and thunderbolt (electric)

The weather forecast

The toughest fight In sunny weather, you can expect the Moltres' fire attacks to intensify the vortex, heat fever, fire storm and heat wave. Both sun and wind raise the level of the legendary bird from 20 to 25 and give you a stronger Pokémon if you defeat the raid boss and catch:

  • With level 20 and without weather reinforcement, a trapped volcano has 1,788 to 1,870 WP,
  • with weather reinforcement and level 25 over 2,235 to 2,337 WP.

Best raid conditions prevail in partly cloudy weather, which makes your rock attacks hit harder, and rain, which gives your electric and water attacks a boost.

As always, you can find more guides, tips and tricks on hunting monsters on our Pokémon GO topic.

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