Pokémon GO: New Poké Coins System: Yes! But not like this!

At first glance, the Pokémon Go developers' announcements to revise the Poké Coins system sounded good, allowing players to play the game a bit more Free2Play than it already does. At second glance, the people of Niantic have implemented a clause that is absolutely disproportionate. And at a third glance, the first announcements to test the Pokémünzen system in Australia sound like sheer derision. I'll tell you why this is so. First of all the cornerstones of the new system.

The designers at Niantic want to allow Pokémon Go players to earn Poké Coins in ways other than arena defense. Completing small tasks should bring you Poké Coins in the future, such as sending a Pokémon or winning a raid. So far so good. The beta of these adjustments is expected to start in Australia shortly. And the developers promise that they will then take a close look at the feedback from the community.

But feedback, and stormy, you already get that. It currently looks like this. Point 1: Completing the mini tasks will reward you with 5 Poké Coins once a day. Once a day 5 coins for all mini tasks together. Not per mini task. Sure, most of the tasks are done by the players anyway. Nice to get 5 Poké Coins for that. But not outstanding considering the prices for consumer goods in the Pokémon Go shop. For a raid pass, for example, I would have to do the mini-tasks on 20 days. Wow. That is not impressive at all.

Point 2: For the defense of an arena, I just receive 6 Poké Coins per hour (1 Poké Coin every 10 minutes). With the current daily limit of 50 free-earning Poké Coins, my pocket monster has to squat in the arena for just under 8.5 hours to reach the upper limit. From Niantic's side it is currently considered that defenders will only earn 2 Poké Coins per hour in the future, i.e. 1 Poké Coin in 30 minutes. For this purpose, the daily limit of free coins is raised to 55. And that's the crux of the matter: how does that make sense in any way? My Pokémon would have to be in the arena for 24 hours to earn 48 Poké Coins. If five additional coins are added from the mini-tasks, then we are at 53 freely earned coins per day – just in case my monster is not kicked out during the day anyway. So I can't even reach the upper limit.

The problem is that the developers of this new poké coin system are arguing with the corona pandemic restrictions. And not with the chance for rural and far away arenas to get free Poké Coins. Because if they had actually considered giving the "Rurals" a Guti, they would hand over 5 Poké Coins for each minitask done, and not just for all of them. Because there is often no arena in rural areas. Even the balance adjustment of the arena defense does not seem logical, because most players may hold an arena during the day, which may also be very busy.

Sure, I also want to be kicked out of the arena at some point so that I can get my coins. Maybe that's the problem: I only get the coins when another team takes over the arena where my mon is sitting. Why not always when my Pokémon reaches the next period for a coin? I can only earn a certain amount of Poké Coins a day, then it doesn't really matter where they come from?

Basically the idea is commendable to offer the opportunity to earn Poké Coins in another way years after release. But hopefully this will not be implemented as thoughtlessly as this first plan by the game designers.

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