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After the Pokémon Go dataminers found clues about a route planner feature, they came across more interesting graphics in the Niantic game data, namely a tutorial on leveling PokéStops! Will this make Pokémon Go’s points of interest more attractive in the future?

PokéStops are a relatively low-key, but easy-to-understand feature of Pokémon Go. You pass it, turn the disc, get hold of a few items and, if the log for the field research is not full, a mini quest. Or an egg if the egg inventory is not completely filled. If you stay near a PokéStop for a long time, it may be worthwhile to activate a lock module. Since most Pokémon Go players are more catchers and collectors than fighters, they like to romp around near a PokéStop. The actual interaction with the photo disc has become a habit over the years. But … maybe that will change soon.

After the last find of a route planner, the Pokémon Go data miners from Pokeminers have now found graphics for a PokéStop tutorial in an older version of PoGo, which says that PokéStops can be gradually brought to a maximum of Level 3. The level a PokéStop has reached can then be seen from the rings below the photo pane; one ring means that the stop has not yet been leveled, four rings mean that the PokéStop has reached the maximum level (3).

In the graphic, a PokéStop is shown with a special animation similar to an inserted lock module. What the arrow around it means is of course not known – a level system for PokéStops has not yet been officially communicated by the developers of Niantic. The question is: are there more or better rewards when a PokéStop reaches level 3? And will the levels decrease with the passage of time or will they remain permanent?

The arrow in the fourth graphic also worries Pokémon Go fans, because members of the community fear that the creators of the game could reduce the current radius of action of PokéStops again. The radius is currently 80 meters; the range has been doubled due to the pandemic restrictions.

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