Pokémon GO: Niantic prohibits official Pokémon names

of Andreas Bertits
It is not possible to enter every name in the Pokémon GO mobile game. This is to prevent players from not using inappropriate words. But even official Pokémon names are curiously filtered.

It is understandable that Niantic at the names in the mobile game Pokémon GO a little bit careful. After all, children should also enjoy the game. But the filter function obviously goes a little too far.

Official Pokémon names are off limits

Reddit user sliceanddic3 found that he could not use the name "Ho-Oh". This is the official name of a legendary Pokémon with the types fire and flight. "Apparently the name Ho-Oh is inappropriate," he says. However, the name "Hoe-Oh" works …

Reddit user Jonneygee explains that Lickitung and Lickilicky don't work either, and Hevgirl adds that even Shroomish doesn't work. These are regular names of official Pokémon, but cannot be used as a nickname. The problem is that you can't give your Pokémon the official name anymore if you give it the same but censored nickname. So if you want to give a Ho-Oh the nickname Ho-Oh, the word is filtered as inappropriate and your Ho-Oh needs a completely new name. One way out is to delete all text in the nickname interface.

Perhaps Niantic's filters in Pokémon GO were a little too good when even official Pokémon names are considered inappropriate.

Source: VG247

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