Update from July 26, 2020:
As part of the Pokémon Go Fest 2020, Palkia can once again take a look at the raids and can be defeated primarily with the following counters, because even if dragons have a weakness compared to dragons, they are still your strongest attackers!

  • Rayquaza with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Palkia with dragon rod and Draco meteor
  • Brutalanda with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Zekrom with breath of fire and rage
  • Dialga with breath of fire and Draco meteor
  • Dragoran with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Crackers with dragon tail and tantrum

Original message from January 29, 2019: In Pokémon Go, legendary pocket monsters mostly appear in the Tier 5 arenas, which the majority of the trainers can only successfully complete in groups. If you want to catch a legendary Pokémon, you have to face them in battle first. The legendary Gen-4 Pokémon Palkia can be caught for the first time since the release of Pokémon Go from January 29th at 10 p.m., and so that you have at least the chance to catch the pocket monster, we have below tips and hints for you .

The life of Palkia in the arena is 54,793 WP, and the strongest counter-Pokémon are dragon types like Rayquaza, another Palkia, Dragoran and Brutalanda. Palkia is a Pokémon of the Dragon and Water types, and accordingly has weaknesses against attacks of the genus Dragon and Fairy. Palkia is boosted to level 25 in windy and rainy weather. If Palkia is not boosted by the weather, then at level 20 it has WP between 2,190 and 2,280 if you can catch it. On the other hand, if Palkia is improved by wind or rain, then at level 25 it has WP between 2,737 and 2,850.

Consider the following: Palkia is more susceptible to certain attacks when the weather is windy or cloudy. If you attack the Mon in windy weather, Palkia will be boosted at level 25 when caught, and your dragon attackers will be stronger in the fight beforehand. However, Palkia's possible attacks "Feuerodem", "Drachenrute" and "Draco Meteor" are intensified in the wind. If you attack with a cloudy sky, your fairy attacks will be intensified. And in rainy weather, Palkia is boosted at level 25 when caught, but during the fight, Palkia's possible "hydraulic pump" attack is also reinforced.

To defeat Palkia with less than three high-level coaches, you must be extremely lucky. In theory, Palkia can be mastered in windy weather and best friends bonus by a duo with teams consisting of level 40 Rayquaza and Dragoran. But you should be on the safe side: 3 to 5 high-level coaches can tackle Palkia in battle, if you reach rather low levels, then you should look for 6 to 20 coaches.

Palkia in Pokémon Go – best counterattack

As already mentioned, other dragon Pokémon are particularly suitable for facing Palkia in battle. The most superior attacker is

  • Rayquaza with the attacks "dragon rod" and "tantrum" – due to the attribute changes at the end of 2018, Rayquaza was blessed with more defense and life points. To do this, Rayquaza simply causes an outrageous amount of damage.

Also very strong counterattacks against Palkia are:

  • Dragoran with "dragon rod" and "tantrum"
  • Palkia with "dragon rod" and "Draco Meteor" – Palkia can be even stronger than Rayquaza with the attacks, but only on the premise that the Palkia you are fighting does not have Draco Meteor. Then your own Palkia stinks extremely.
  • Brutalanda with "Dragon Rod" and "Draco Meteor" – Brutalanda has low defensive stats, but it's still a good choice
  • Latios with "breath of fire" and "dragon's claw"

If you then have to fill up your teams, you could use the following Pokémon:

  • Latias with "breath of fire" and "tantrum"
  • Guardevoir with "confusion" and "magic license"
  • Alola Kokowei with "dragon rod" and "dragon pulse"
  • Garados with "breath of fire" and "tantrum"
  • Groudon with "dragon rod" and "solar beam"
  • Mewtwo with "confusion" and "haunted ball"
  • Libelldra with "dragon rod" and "dragon claw"
  • Seedraking with "breath of fire" and "tantrum"
  • Giratina with "breath of fire" and "dragon's claw"
  • Togekiss with "air cut" and "magic license"

If you can banish Palkia in your Poké Ball, it can have the "Dragon Rod" or "Breath of Fire" instant attacks and the "Draco Meteor", "Firestorm" or "Hydro Pump" loading attacks. Palkia will likely do quite well as an attacker if you need a dragon or water attacker.

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