Pokémon GO player sets an incredible record: 1 million captured Pokémon

Who said that "catching them all" means having only one of each? A Japanese player has caught 1 million Pokémon since release and his record comes with even more impressive numbers.

The Japanese Pokémon GO player Kyarorina captured the millionth Pokémon on 19 November 2019 – and thus sets an incredible world record:

On Reddit finds one very interesting thread by YouTuber Reversal the world record. Not only does he have a very insightful screenshot of Kyarorina's profile, but also a few numbers to give the record a bit of context.

We see in the picture not only the confirmation that he has caught a million Pokémon, but also that he is for the game proud 20,477.1 kilometers has run, From the launch of Pokémon GO in Japan on July 22, 2016 to the day of the record 1215 days have passedthat means he traveled nearly 17 kilometers during the day,

We also learn from Reversal that he catches about 800 Pokémon a day and exchanges a good 100 more, Kyarorina is owned by 185 million stardust, He has the way, by the way a full-time job, Apparently, Pokémon GO has a catch limit that reaches Kyarorina almost every day. Most of us may never have seen this limit before.

maybe can Kyarorina set further records in one of these games:

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So basically he played Pokémon GO, right? A few users in the Reddit do not really believe that he has done without cheating. In Japan's big cities, however, dozens of arenas and pokéstops are often within a few meters, and lock modules are always active there. Do you think he has won the record in an honest way?