Pokémon GO: players unlock Hyperbonus – that's what you can expect now – game updates

from David Martin
The Pokémon Go Fest 2020 is behind us – now it continues with new events. Because players overcame all of the challenges posed by Niantic on the big Pokémon Go weekend, the Hyperbonus has three bonus weeks in the smartphone adventure. The kite, enigma and all-week weeks are waiting for hobby trainers – with many pocket monsters and rewards. The kite week kicks off on July 31. You can find out what awaits you at the events in Pokémon Go in the article.

Player of Pokémon Go face the challenges of Go Fest 2020 Mastered last weekend – and thus unlocked bonus weeks in the smartphone adventure. Details of the hyper bonus are already available. Let's start with the Kite week on July 31, 2020. Until August 7, pocket monsters like Alola-Kokowei, Seeper, Dratini, Knacklion, Wablu and Kindwurm appear more often in the wild than usual. Pokémon like Seeper and Dratini hatch from the 7 km eggs. Visit level 5 raids to battle Rayquaza. If you want to catch two Kapuno, you have to complete the temporary research in the dragon week.

Because players to Pokémon Go Fest 2020 Niantic has completed 16 global challenges with the Enigma week a second hyper bonus free. The event week runs from August 7th to 17th in a smartphone adventure. Roam the wilderness to encounter monsters like Star Du, Jigglypuff, Piepi, and Luna Stone. It is also worth hatching the 7 km eggs. Because during the Enigma week, Pii, fluffeluff and luna stone are increasingly hatched. Those who participate in raids can look forward to duels with Bronzong, Lepumentas, Pygraulon and Icognito U, L, T, R and A. In level 5 battles, Deoxys is waiting for you. With luck you will also catch a Shiny Deoxys and Star Du.

The third hyper bonus is the Every week in Pokémon Go. From August 14th to 21st you will meet more Strawickl, Waumboll and other single-player Pokémon in the wild. In addition, the monsters are more often contained in the 7 km eggs. With a bit of luck, Emolga also shows up for the one-off week. In the raid fights you will also meet Kiesling. Genesect and its dazzling form appear in the level 5 raids. Shiny Kiesling is also in Pokémon Go for the weekly week. The events start at 10 p.m.

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